Sweden: A Special Performance of the Gala Spectacular is Well Received

In response to the Swedish audience’s enthusiastic feed back after its five shows in Stockholm, Divine Performing Arts was invited to perform an additional show at the Cirkus Theatre in Stockholm, after it concluded its performance in Tampere, Finland.

Thereby, Swedish audience members were once again enchanted by authentic oriental artistic beauty presented by the Divine Performing Arts on the evening of April 3rd, 2008. Many of the audience members expressed their appreciation and the professionals in artistic circles who made it to the show also highly acclaimed the Spectacular.

Liu Xinyi, a dancer from the Divine Performing Arts Company

After presenting such exquisite and peaceful programmes to the audience in North Europe, these artists left Sweden for their next stop in the Romanian capital Bucharest. During the intermission in rehearsal, our reporter interviewed a dancer of the Divine Performing Arts by the name of Liu Xinyi, who is an intelligent girl with a lovely smile.

Having special feelings about the audience in North Europe, Liu Xinyi said, “I started to attend dancing classes to accept systematic artistic training since I was a child. When I was eight, I lived in Finland for two years.” “I love Finland very much. It is very quiet and beautiful, with many lakes. I also learned Finish for over one year,” said Liu Xinyi.

Afterward, she accepted formal dancing and gymnastic training at university, and has participated in many artistic competitions. Since 2005, she has performed in the Chinese Spectaculars organised by the New Tang Dynasty Television every year. Among others, she won the 2nd-runner-up in female youth category at the NTDTV International Chinese Classical Dance Competition in 2007.

As a dancer, Liu Xinyi said that only focusing on the techniques in physical movements and diligently practicing them is far from enough. It is the righteousness of dances that counts, so dancers need to understand and appreciate the dances carefully. Only by doing so, can beautiful dances be presented to the audience and more profound meanings are really appreciated while enjoying the visual beauty.

When speaking of the “Lightness and Grace”, Xinyi said, “This programme is a reflection of Chinese women’s delicacy and inner beauty in the Qing Dyansty. The dance movements are very exquisite and gentle and so is the music. The beauty of traditional Chinese women and traditional culture are promoted through the dancing performances. Therefore, I feel very comfortable and peaceful inside my heart when performing this dance, as I wanted to present the deeper substance and meaning to the audiences.”

When asked about her feeling of coming to Sweden, she said with delight, “All of us really like Sweden very much, as the audience are very passionate and people are very kind.” Lastly she added, “The mission of the Divine Performing Arts is to further the traditional Chinese culture, and through our efforts, the audience can get a deep insight into the long lost genuine traditional Chinese culture. That is my greatest wish.”

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