President of Clothing Association: The Divine Performing Arts Truly Presents the Beauty of Traditional Chinese Clothing

Ms. Liu Yu-Chi, president of the Han Clothing Creation and Development Association, praised the costumes in the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular. She said she previously misunderstood the making of traditional Chinese clothing. But after seeing the Spectacular in Kaohsiung, she said the show helped her understand the real uniqueness and special elements of Han clothing. She said that the show truly presented the beauty of traditional Chinese clothing.

Ms. Liu hopes to help people understand the beauty of traditional Chinese clothing through dance. When moving during the dances, the clothes look different than when they are displayed statically. "It's a different kind of experience," she said, "The dances in the show truly presented the beauty of traditional Chinese clothing."

Ms. Liu Yu-Chi, president of Han Clothing Creation and Developing Association

Ms. Liu said that the dances demonstrated the beauty of human nature, and this was what she found to be the most special feature about the dances in the show, "In other shows, dances are just dances. However, the Divine Performing Arts blends morality into the dances and teaches people to rethink many things. We have been numb for so long. This show brings out the good nature of humankind."

Ms. Liu continued, "The show is all about Chinese culture, including that of the minorities. Everyone likes different things and this show encompasses so much, that everyone is sure to see something they like. Now, I don't have to travel to faraway places because the Chinese Spectacular had shown me many cultures in just a few hours."

Ms. Liu most enjoyed the dance "Water Sleeves." "I have read about [this technique] in books but have rarely seen it live. It's so exciting to see Han clothing onstage." Then she added with a smile, "The drummers have become my idols. I really admire and respect them!"

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