Austria: A Great Welcome for the Chinese Spectacular in Vienna

In the mid-18th century, the most brilliant classical music masters in the history of music including Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert lived in Vienna. The Chinese Spectacular, upon completion of performances in Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Switzerland, opened at City Theatre in Vienna at 7:30 pm, March 6th, 2008. Austrian government officials and celebrities have all extended their greetings on the arrival of the Gala Spectacular.

Greetings from an Austrian Member of Parliament Mr. Lunacek

“In Western society, people often talk about China. On the one hand, people admire the economic strength of China and, on the other hand, many companies want to sign lucrative contracts with China. Therefore, the policy of Austria towards the big power of the central plains has two aspects, too: on the one hand, from the perspective of the Green Party the human rights issue should be raised openly to the Chinese government; but, on the other hand, the economic interests often hinder the resolute political measures. As China is attractive to everyone, it is of greater importance to learn about the Chinese and their culture from those other than political and economic areas. Here, I am heartedly pleased that the Chinese Spectacular will provide the Austrian audiences with an opportunity to learn about the traditional Chinese culture. I wish the organisers of the Gala Spectacular a great success and hope that it will attract a big audience.”

Greetings from Austrian Member of Parliament Mr.Reheis:

“The Chinese Spectacular that will take place for the first time in Austria embodies mutual exchanges among various nationalities through cultural activities and the most valuable of all is that the event will bring to our audience the orthodox traditional Chinese culture and customs with a history of 5000 years. Our special thanks will go to Ars Cara who has successfully brought the Chinese Spectacular to Austria, the nation of culture increasingly respected in the world. On behalf of the Austrian people, I would like to express our welcome to the artists of the Divine Performing Arts and hope that our audience will love this performance showing the art and culture of the Far East.”

Greetings from the Minister of European and International Affairs of Austria Ursula Plasnik:

“As a Minister of European and International Affairs of Austria, I feel profoundly the importance of cultural exchanges among various nationalities. On the occasion of the Year of European Cultural Exchange, I am very happy to see the arrival of the Gala Spectacular to present its performance in Austria for the first time. The host and artists of the Spectacular will enable us to know more about the rich Chinese culture. I wish their performance a success and wish everyone in the audience a wonderful time.”

Greetings from Austrian Social and Consumer Protection Minister Buchinger

“Sports and culture are the best ambassadors of a nation. The artists of the Divine Performing Arts have brought to Vienna the history and beauty of China. It is only the direct impression of the Chinese tradition and culture that will make Europeans understand the world which sometimes means very distant to them. However, the wonderful performance can not make people ignore the problems that exist. I hope all the Chinese people will have an opportunity to come and visit Europe and Austria following the tracks of their cultural ambassadors. I wish everyone in the audience a wonderful time with warm applause for all the performing artists and wish the performance success.”

Greetings from Mr.Bauer, Economic Spokesman of the Social Party:

“Ladies and gentlemen and the audience, Happy New Year.

First of all, I wish you all success, fortune and health in the Year of the Rat. I hope the Year of the Rat will bring you and your families happiness.

It is highly necessary to learn about our own history and the past in order to usher in our future with frankness and success, the knowledge of which is an essential condition of acquiring the motive force of the future from the challenge of the new things and new ideas and the individual conflicts. The mutual historical awareness is an important foundation with regard to the growing development of the globalisation because even the local trade would have to be aware of the globalisation.

Therefore, we are very happy to have invited the Divine Performing Arts to Austria for the first time enabling the audience of the Gala Spectacular to learn of the thousand years of ancient Chinese tradition, its long history and ancient culture and arousing people’s interest in the Chinese history and culture.

On this special occasion, I wish everyone in the audience a wonderful time and wish the organisers and all the participants a great success!”

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