France: Parisians Fall for the Gala Spectacular

Many Famous People Attend the Show

On the evening of March 1st, 2008, the French International Conference Centre welcomed the third performance by Divine Performing Arts. This rich and splendid performance once again conquered the heart of the romantic Paris audience. Many French main politicians and well known people in the art circle came to see the show. Some politicians brought their bodyguards with them to see the show. Among them were main figures from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Interior Ministry.

The evening performance was yet again a full house event. Over 3000 people fully enjoyed the fine and colourful costumes and dances representing different dynasties and different ethnic cultures. They were impressed by the unique charm of the oriental art and felt fresh with the message delivered in the performance. When the performance ended, many people gave a long lasting standing ovation. The actors thanked the audience three times for their enthusiasm.

The audience enjoys the show

French Senator: The design of the background scenery provides an intense visual impulse

French Senator Yannick Texier and his wife

After seeing the show, French Senator Yannick Texier and his wife said that the performance was extremely good and they had a wonderful time. He said he liked all the programmes. The music, dances, costumes and the background scenery were all splendid. He said, citing the examples: In the dance "Serve the nation loyally", the martial art drill by soldiers is very attractive. The "The Mighty Drum" is very manly. The design of the background scenery provides an intense visual impression.

Senator Texier continued, “The colour in the back drops was extremely harmonious. The music is full of rhythm. The drums in "The Mighty Drum" are really extraordinary. The coordination between all drums, the harmonious usage of the colours in all dances and other wonderful things were everywhere.”

Senator Texier said: “Each picture from the background scenery is so different. The dances are so grand and magnificent. The martial arts acts depicting wars were full of strong rhythms. We had a wonderful time.”

Swedish Diplomat Torsten

Swedish Diplomat in France Mr Torsten watched the performance on March 1st at the renowned Palais des Congres de Paris. He said all the acts were very good: “Many dances are outstanding, especially White Lotus in the Snowy Mountain. It was an ingeniously artistic performance.”

“Watching the show was a quite new thing to me, very interesting. I have been to East European countries, but have nerve been to China.” This Swedish Diplomat from Stockholm said: “From the acts I could see the harmony between mankind and the heaven. I see some symbolic things, such as the girl in the prison (the female Falun Gong practitioner who was persecuted to death) arriving in heaven.”

Mr Torsten, who lives in Paris, said finally: “I will absolutely recommend it to people around me. This is a wonderful show and a new experience. I will definitely recommend it to other people.”

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