Czech Republic: Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular in Prague a Hit with Artistic Community

On March 10th, the Divine Performing Arts held the first show of the Chinese Spectacular in Prague, Czech Republic. Many artists came to the show and had high praise for it afterwards.

Mr. Jiri Korn, a popular Czech singer

Mr. Jiri Korn, one of the most popular singers in the Czech Republic, is an important person in the Czech art community. He attended the Chinese Spectacular on March 10 with two of his children and a friend.

Mr. Korn told the reporter in English that the show was "lovely." He was glad to see a different culture demonstrated so beautifully. He said he was impressed with the costumes and his favorite dances were "Water Sleeves" and "The Mongolian Bowl Dance." He also praised the singers in the show, saying they were "great singers."

Igor, a well-known ballet dancer in Czech, highly praised the performers' professional skills. He said that the audience learned the essence of Chinese culture and history from the show.

Another ballet dancer also said he learned a lot from the show, adding that the messages in the show were positive. He said he admired the actors' perfect performances.

A musician from Prague said that the music in the Spectacular made him feel that he was floating in an ocean, with sunshine and joy surrounding him. He said, "I could feel the positive energy emerging from the performances. The combination of music and dance gave people truly positive feelings."

Prague Congress Centre, the venue for the March 10 performance of the Chinese Spectacular

The Prague Congress Centre, where the Chinese Spectacular was performed, is one of the top 13 performing arts centers in the world. It can hold 2,700 people, and a 100-member orchestra.

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