Korea: Press Conference Called to Condemn the Cancellation of the Divine Performing Arts Show in Busan Due to CCP Interference

The Korean State-owned KBS TV Station yielded to CCP pressure and cancelled the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular show scheduled for February 26th, 2008, at KBS Theatre in Busan City. A Korean Diplomat in the United States stated that the cancellation of the performance could damage the new government's international image. A representative from Sonata Performing Arts Planning, a host for the show, issued a strong statement condemning the incident and said that if KBS refused to correct this action, a lawsuit would be filed.

DPA hosts in Korea protest in front of CCP Embassy against CCP interfering with a Cultural performance

DPA Assistant Director Ms. Weina Li (left) and show host Mr. Jared Madsen speak at the press conference

KBS signed a rental contract for the theater with one of the DPA hosts, Sonata Performing Arts Planning, on October 2nd, 2007. Due to pressure from the Chinese Embassy, the KBS company unilaterally backed out of the contract two months ago.

The Korean Falun Dafa Association, Sonata Performing Arts Planning, Korea Solidarity Against Corruption, the Democratic Residents Coalition, the National Solidarity for Judiciary Reform, Hwalbindan, the Korean Branch of the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) and the Citizens' Union to Counteract National Crisis together held a press conference in front of the KBS Seoul Headquarters to protest and condemn the CCP 's interference. For the new government to be recognised as a democratic entity, cultural performances must have freedom to perform without interference from the CCP. KBS was condemned for cancelling the rental contract it held with the United States-based Divine Performing Arts Company and organisations requested that the KBS Busan Theatre fulfill its original contract. The DPA Assistant Director, Ms. Weina Li, and the show host, Mr. Jared Madsen, also spoke at the press conference.

The 17th President, Lee Myung Bak, who assumed office on February 25th, 2008, stated in his first presidential address, that the tradition of developing and strengthening friendship with the United States is still the guiding rule for the future of the coalition. At the press conference,it was pointed out that actions by the KBS have brought an unfavorable impact to the wellbeing of the Korean State.

The Epoch Times Korean Branch is also one of the hosts of the DPA show. The director of the Epoch Times Kyungnam Region Branch said, "The State run KBS TV Station has yielded to pressure from the CCP by cancelling the contract. This violates the Korean people's basic rights to attend cultural performances and the benefits from this performance have also been denied. Hence, this is not only a Korean internal affair, but an international affair.

Korean Falun Dafa Association Requests KBS Theatre Correct Its Mistake

The Korean Falun Dafa Association, one of the show hosts, published a declaration to the Korean government stating:

"The United States Divine Performing Arts Company performed at Palace of Peace in Kyung Hee University on February 22nd-24th, 2008, and the show was a success. Tickets for the February 26th, 2008 show, originally scheduled at the KBS Theatre in Busan, are sold out, and the two shows originally scheduled for February 27th, 2008 are nearly sold out. There are six thousand people in the Busan region eagerly waiting to see the world class U.S. Divine Performing Arts Company perform.

The same performance which was allowed in one city, but rejected in another city in the same country; this is obviously a concern for the state. The irrational decision by KBS is bringing harm to kind citizens, and we just cannot let it continue. For the new government to ignore this matter is unacceptable. There will be worldwide condemnation and this will affect state morale. On the contrary, if the new government can resolve this matter with determination, it will surely will win the trust of the people."

Organisations Call Upon Citizens to Unite in Resisting the CCP's Power

Along with the hosts of the DPA, the Korea Solidarity Against Corruption, the Democratic Residents Coalition, the National Solidarity for Judiciary Reform, Hwalbindan, the Korean Branch of the CIPFG and the Citizens' Union to Counteract National Crisis have published an open letter to Busan City residents.

The letter states, "Due to interference by the Chinese Embassy, the pure and orthodox Chinese cultural performance is being suppressed. The CCP is responsible for destroying the traditional Chinese culture, and that is why the Chinese Ambassador is so fearful of the Divine Performing Arts traditional cultural shows. Chinese Ambassadors to other nations have also tried to interfere with the rights of those nations' citizens, but those nations and their governments have ignored the CCP's illegal intrusions and safeguarded justice and State sovereignty. Unfortunately, the state run KBS TV Station gave in to CCP pressure, which not only damages people's basic rights, but also damages the rights of the U.S. Divine Performing Arts Company. This is not simply a Korean matter, but an international matter."

These organisations have called upon Busan citizens to actively join in demanding that KBS stop bending to the CCP despotic power, and instead support and safeguard the dignity of Korean cultural sovereignty.

National Assembly member Sang-soo Ahn (of the new ruling Party), attended the DPA show on February 23rd, 2008. He said, "Because of this wonderful performance my eyes were reluctant to leave the stage." He wants to attend the performance next year. Referring to the CCP interference with the DPA New York Company's show in Korea, Mr. Ahn said, "Korean cultural shows should not be interfered with and should be guaranteed protection from this kind of incident."

Mr. Sun-Su Kim, the Justice Reform Secretary of the former president suggested to the new president, Lee Myung Bak, "In a democratic country where freedom of the arts is guaranteed, it is not right to prohibit a performing arts show for political reasons. I hope that the Busan performance can go on smoothly as scheduled."

The Korean Falun Dafa Association published a declaration to the new government:

"The new government has just begun its journey with the people's support and along with their expectations. If the new government can resolve this incident by allowing the Divine Performing Arts show at KBS Busan Theatre, it will become a yardstick to measure the new government's cultural policies.

The KBS is a State run company which represents Korea, and it's mission is to offer a stable broadcasting culture, and to promote a democratic, popular Korean culture. The KBS is being pressured by the Chinese Embassy and in turn has cancelled this contract and created an international incident. Should the government ignore this problem, this will be likened to giving away Korean sovereignty to the CCP and violating the Korean people's rights.

Whether the DPA is allowed to perform is of international concern, and the key to solving this problem lies in the new government. We hope the government will recognise the severity of this matter and solve the problem quickly.

We are convinced that the KBS has cancelled the contract because the Chinese Embassy provided slanderous propaganda about the U.S.-based DPA Company to KBS. When KBS signed the contract with DPA there was a strict investigation, to validate that the DPA performance qualified to perform at the KBS theater. A written notification was sent to the hosts. Hence, the KBS should fulfill it's contract.

Time is running out and there is not much time left for a decision. Supported and blessed by the whole nation, the newly elected government is facing choices. The choice will be whether to submit to an unjust act of shame or safeguard the traditions of the ancestors. Will there be a stain or shining light left on the pages of history? A correct choice by the new government will resolve this conflict.

The Korean Falun Dafa Association, responsible for inviting the Divine Performing Arts New York Company to Busan, requests that the government resolve this problem.

The Korean Falun Dafa Association and all Falun Dafa practitioners in Korea congratulate the new government, and hope that today's incident is an opportunity for a renaissance of Korean morality, and that our great Korean spirit will spread all over the world.

February 24th, 2008

Korean Falun Dafa Association

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