Germany: “It is most important to show the ancient culture, especially because the Olympic Games are going to be performed in China"

Walther Hauptvogel, a retired entrepreneur from Wetzlar and his wife Irmgard, have been quite fond of China for quite some time. They especially like Chinese antiques. Therefore, their children didn’t have to think very long about what to get them for Christmas. They gave them tickets to the February 28th Chinese Spectacular show in Frankfurt, which is at this time on a European tour.

Both spoke highly of the show. “I found everything I have seen so far charming. The costumes, the graceful ladies and the dancing artistry, unbelievable, what an achievement! It was absolutely beautiful. For certain, we are completely taken with the show”, said Irmgard Hauptvogel.

The couple finally realised during the interval that the show is on a world tour without the support of the Chinese Communist regime. The artists, a company of overseas Chinese, are traveling to pre-arranged places throughout the world. They want to present through this Chinese New Year Gala traditional ancient Chinese culture and have the world learn more about Chinese culture.

Irmgard Hauptvogel is disturbed that the young artists are not allowed, given the imminent Olympic Games in China, to travel to their homeland and present the true original ancient Chinese culture to the citizens of China. She commented, “It is extremely important to show the original ancient Chinese culture, especially since China is going to host the Olympic Games. What a shame!”

Retirees Walter Henze and wife also truly enjoyed the show. Walter Henze used to be a sports functionary. They came to Frankfurt from a neighboring small town, which is located about fifteen km south of Frankfurt. They hoped to learn more about the Chinese classical dance styles, which are clearly totally different from dances in Europe. “The Asian style is just totally different. It is a marvelous opportunity to observe these differences,” shared Ms. Henze.

Both are interested in Asian culture and have visited Japan and Thailand, where they observed local dance styles.

They found the music presented by the Divine Performing Arts stunning. They liked most the “Drummers of the Tang Court.” Mrs. Henze adored the bowl dance Mongolian Bowl Dance because of it strength of expression and combined with the lively dance technique.

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