Japan: Professional Dancer in Tokyo Amazed by the Divine Performing Arts

On February 13th, 2009, the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular was presented in the Kousei Nenkin Kaikan Grand Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Ms. Li Meinan, a Japanese-Chinese who specializes in Korean dance and is also the president of the Li Meinan Dance Research Institute in Tokyo, was in the audience.

After the show, Ms. Li said, "Every programme was rich in colour and had its own style. The professional skills of the performers amazed me. In modern society, live is full of electrical appliances and things run at full speed for the sake of convenience. Today's programs focused on traditions that comes from daily life, such as the "Mongolian Bowl Dance" and "Chopstick Zest." The traditional arts that come from everyday life were perfectly presented on the stage. Nowadays, society has no values, especially in China. It worries me. After seeing such a purely outstanding show tonight, I felt that my spirit was cleansed as well."

From "The Risen Lotus Flower," she learned that Chinese people believe in God as well. She said people should believe in God and karmic retribution, otherwise they will do all kinds of evil things: "The show has achieved this goal."

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