Germany: "I Could Not See Such a Performance in China"

On the evening of February 16th, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts held its first Chinese Spectacular show in Frankfurt, Germany. Ms. Zhang Jie, from China, said, "I could not see such a performance in China. Most shows in China are commercial. The pure culture shown in tonight's performance is not found there."

She was touched most by two performances in the show, "Several performances touched me, including, 'The Loyalty of General Yue Fei'. Everyone knows loyalty to the nation. But people forget about it or do not like to mention it. The other was the performance about Falun Gong. China is persecuting it, and this is not acceptable."

"It is my first time seeing the show, and I feel very fortunate. The style of the show and the presentation of ancient culture is attractive." Ms. Zhang said, "I hope to learn about our nation's culture from various aspects and am happy it is appreciated outside of China."

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