Denmark: Up-Coming Gala Spectacular Cancelled. Chinese Embassy Suspected of Interference

Recently the Divine Performing Arts (DPA)’s scheduled performances at Det Kongelige Theatre in Copenhagen were abruptly cancelled. In its place, a mysterious concert sponsored by the Chinese Embassy and attended by invitation only will be staged at the same theatre.

For the past few months, major cities across the world have been making vigorous preparation for the arrival of the DPA tour. With enthusiastic support of the theatre, the DPA was scheduled to give two performances in March at Det Kongelige Theatre, the most luxurious theatre in Copenhagen.

DPA on Tour had finalised its tour in Europe. In mid-December when DPA organisers were about to sign contracts with the Admin Department of the theatre Det Kongelige the theatre abruptly called off the DPA performances in Copenhagen.

The Admin Department politely apologised, but without detailed explanation for the abrupt cancellation. But this time the Admin Manager purposefully avoided communicating with the DPA organisers who had cooperated with the theatre for months. When being asked if the CCP interfered, the Admin Department promptly denied it, but unable to give any convincing reason for the cancellation.

Meanwhile, a concert arranged by the Chinese Embassy is beginning to emerge. Based on reliable information, Xie Hangsheng, the Chinese Ambassador to Denmark, personally invited the Danish officials at all levels and celebrities in Denmark to attend the Chinese New Year Concert. The concert will be staged at the same theatre, managed by the same Admin Department, Det Kongelige Theatre for two days later on February 2nd.

It is strange that the concert will start in less than two days, but there is no available internet information about the concert in Denmark. As a reporter, I arrived at the ticket office of the theatre to inquire about relevant information. The enthusiastic ticket seller spent half an hour searching on the Net for related information, but in vain. The Chinese New Year Concert remains mysteriously unknown.

However, we can easily guess that this highly confidential concert is unlikely to have tickets on sale openly and publicly. That is, the Chinese government will treat the Danish authorities to the concert in its attempt to lobby and cozy up to the Danish government.

The two performing groups are composed of Chinese performers. Yet the one sponsored by the CCP has got preferential treatment. The discrimination against the other is drawing attention from the Danish society and the media. What’s the connection between the sudden cancellation of the DPA performances and the secret concert arranged by the CCP? I believe the true answer will be found in the near future.

Many Danish people and residents near the south of Sweden have been waiting for the arrival of the DPA. They feel quite disappointed about the cancellation of the DPA performances in Denmark. As far as I know, many of them are considering booking plane tickets to fly to other European cities to watch the performances. When hearing of the cancellation, one Western person told his daughter, “I am expecting those in charge of Det Kongelige Theatre to re-make a wise decision to have DPA on Tour present their performances as scheduled. As for me, I am not going to buy any plane ticket to fly to Stockholm to watch the show. I will not abandon the chance close at hand in favour of another far away.”

Recently, the Chinese Embassy world-wide have attempted to interfere with the DPA performances. The interference has been reported by the local media, attracting criticism and condemnation from people with a sense of justice. Further, the CCP interference has received extensive coverage.

One week ago, another incident happened in Sweden, Denmark’s neighboring country. An official at the Chinese Embassy called officials of Linloping city government and Stockholm city government, teling them to cancel DPA performances in Sweden. China’s dictatorial behavior outraged Swedish officials. Stockholm's vice Mayor in charge of cultural and PE affairs said that the Chinese diplomat “went too far,” and demanded that the CCP apologise and explain its behaviour. The incident has also drawn close attention from Danish people who care about DPA. News Daily, Swedish TV station SVT, Ration station SR, Expressen, Corren Daily and other media reported the incident on January 26th.

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