Radio France International: Amnesty International says Lethal Injection in China is a Diversion from Human Rights Atrocities

According to a Radio France International report on January 4th, 2008, Amnesty International condemned the Chinese Communist regime’s practice of using lethal injections instead of firing squads for executions before the 2008 Olympic Games. Amnesty said that it is simply an attempt to divert attention and it is not really intended as a revocation of the death penalty.

The BBC quoted a coordinator for Amnesty International Asia Pacific Region, as saying that China’s use of a lethal injection is defying the international call for a repeal of capital punishment, and the practice cannot solve the problems ensued.

The report said, “Their coordinator held that changing the method of execution cannot solve the problem of executing innocent people, unjust sentences and the controversies over arbitration and that China’s move has violated the Olympic spirit of respecting humanity.”

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