In China, People Mistaken for Falun Gong Practitioners Are Ill-Treated

This event was personally witnessed by a friend.

In a post office in Anguo City, China, a woman was mailing a parcel to her child, who was attending school in another city. The postal employees insisted that they needed to check the items in the parcel, but she did not agree. She just told them what was in the parcel. They did not believe her and started to open it. She protested, "You do not have the right to do that. That's illegal."

Suddenly, several people rushed out, grabbed her tightly, and roared, "Catch this Falun Gong practitioner. Take her away and lock her up." The postal employees carefully checked all the items in the parcel, which included a letter and a photo. They finally confirmed that she was not a Falun Gong practitioner and released her. She was scared and trembling. She packed up her items and said to herself, "What is the problem? This is awful."

My friend's story reminded me of what happened to neighbors of my relatives. The whole family merrily went to Beijing to sight-see. By the time they got close to Tiananmen Square, they were tired and sat down to rest. Soon afterwards, they were dragged to a room, where their bags were checked carefully. They were ordered to slander Falun Gong before they were released. They had been mistaken for Falun Gong practitioners sitting in meditation.

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