New Years Greetings to Master Li from French Practitioners

Practitioners in France Respectfully Wish Compassionate Great Master a Happy New Year!

Time flies, and 2008 New Year's Day arrives in a twinkling. Dafa disciples in France send greetings to compassionate great Master. We respectfully wish esteemed Master a Happy New Year! Master, you've been working hard! Master, please take good care of yourself!

Celebrating the New Year
Ride the wind and walk quickly to deliver the truth,
Hasten steps on the snow to offer salvation to sentient beings.
Time passes quickly,
The Spring comes again in a twinkling of an eye.
Dafa is spread far and wide,
Gratitude to Master for arduous salvation.

Respectfully wishing esteemed Master a Happy New Year,
We extend our sincere New Year Greetings from afar.

Respectfully, Dafa disciples in France,
New Year's Day 2008

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