Beautiful Divine Performing Arts Show Purifies the Heart

When I was young, my father once told me, "The only thing of value I can leave behind are upright words." He asked me to be an upright person and to live an honourable life. After I grew up, I realised that this world is filled with decadent things. Whether it is when I am alone, or when I am doing some everyday thing in society, always being "upright" is difficult to uphold. Sometimes when watching shows, it is almost impossible to avoid immoral things. Human morality is deteriorating daily. Many works of art only emphasise some skill instead of conveying something that will change one's soul. I was very disillusioned until I watched a performance of The Divine Performing Arts.

I was moved to tears when I saw the performance for the first time. The scenes flowed naturally and were magnificent. The performers' body movements, facial expressions, and their eyes express the soul of traditional Chinese culture. The performance showed consummate artistry in expression, transparency and in the natural energy that flowed towards the audience. The performers all seem to have spiritual qualities not easily found in today's society. Therefore, they express the high and profound themes inherent in traditional culture.

The music is beautiful, the dances are fluid and the colours are rich and bright. The Spectacular is a delight that cleanses the spirit. It embodies the characteristic of respect for heaven in Chinese traditional culture.

During the Spectacular, I was moved to tears quite a few times. What a wonderful show! The heavenly dance and pure beauty cleansed me and removed the fatigue I brought in from everyday life. Watching the performance awakened my desire to return to my true self.

Looking around me, I noticed that many in the audience were also moved to tears. The ambience touched everyone and went beyond race and age. It was a true, heavenly performance, imparting a feeling that is difficult to share unless one watches it.

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