Radio France International: Amnesty International Condemns the CCP for Failing to Keep its Promise to Improve Human Rights

On December 8th, 2007, French International Radio reported that Amnesty International condemned Beijing for failing to keep the promise of improving human rights that it made at the time of applying for the Olympics.

The report said, on Friday, in Berlin, the International Human Rights Organisation Amnesty International, condemned the Beijing Authorities for not keeping its promise of improving human rights. The Secretary-General of the International Amnesty German Branch, Ms. Locker Blue said, "Striving for the holding rights of the Olympics in 2001, China made a promise of taking action to protect human rights and relax its examination system, but China rarely does things to realise its promises."

Ms. Blue also appealed to China to release all the arrested human rights activists. She also said that with the approaching of the opening of the Beijing Olympics, Amnesty International estimated that China’s human rights would not prove to be better, but will be worse. She warned that before the Beijing Olympics, we could see instances of harassment, detention and house-arrest increasing. Amnesty International also asked the Beijing Authority to release the human rights activist Chunlin Yang with no conditions attached. Chunlin Yang was arrested because of signing a joint declaration of resisting the Beijing Olympics.

The International Human Rights Association carried out an international activity named The Golden Plate of Human Rights’ in Berlin yesterday, so as to put more pressure on Beijing, and to request Beijing to respect human rights and to lift the restrictions on the media before the opening of the Olympics on the 8th of August next year. Ms. Blue made the above expressions at the start-up ceremony of this activity.

Chinese human rights Lawyer, Biao Teng said, “If China’s human rights do not improve, the human rights activists should call on all countries’ governments and athletes to boycott the Beijing Olympics". Human rights Lawyer, Biao Teng received a Human Rights Award’ from the French Human Rights Inquiry Board recently. Chinese human rights lawyers Shaoping Mo and Jinsong Li were also presented with awards.

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