Greece: Stop the Organ Harvesting from Live Falun Gong Practitioners

Human Rights Day on December 10th

On Human Rights Day (December 10th) in Greece, practitioners raised awareness about cases of organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners in China. The information was exhibited in a pedestrian area in the centre of Athens, near many universities.

Many young people who passed by were shocked to learn about all these abuses but very interested to hear the story and support an end to the organ harvesting. They invited others to come and read the information and sign the petition too.

Falun Gong practitioners had an unexpected visit. First, a group of three Chinese people who came to read about the persecution and the infamous so-called 'self-immolation' on Tiananmen Square, in which several 'practitioners' supposedy killed themselves but which was quickly exposed as an elaborate and macabre hoax. Later, a Chinese woman came with a camera to record the whole event.

Fortunately all the individuals read the information. Most people were shocked upon seeing practitioners' reenactment of organ harvesting but understanding that this is happening right now in China, they were able to calm their feelings of shock and express a wish to help. People took leaflets with gratitude and kindness and they really were concerned about the Falun Gong issue and organ harvesting.

''I can't understand why they ban Falun Gong'' said a student.

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