Radio Free Asia: World Association of Newspapers Condemns the Control of the Internet and Media by the Chinese Communist Party

On November 20th, 2007, Radio Free Asia reported a recent announcement by The World Association of Newspapers condemning China, together with other countries, for their control of the internet and media.

According to the report, they declare that “China has failed to live up to the press freedom commitments it made when it sought the 2008 Games. At least thirty journalists and fifty other dissidents are currently in Chinese prisons”. They also call on all the participants of the Olympic Games “to exert serious pressure on the Chinese authorities “to cease their flagrant and persistent abuses of human rights.” When Liu Xiaobo, who is a member of the Independent Chinese Pen Centre and an independent commenter, had an interview with reporters from RFA, he said, prior to the 2008 Games, The World Association of Newspapers, being such a big NGO, urged the Chinese government to improve the freedom of the media and carry out it commitment when it sought the 2008 Games, he believes that this kind of voice is very necessary.

At the end of the interview, Liu Xiaobo also expressed that he hopes there will be more and more NGOs including western countries’ government, to speak out more directly and stronger to the Chinese government, in order to improve the current lack of freedom situation of the media and internet in China.

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