Canada: The Divine Land Marching Band Attend Five Christmas Parades in Toronto

In Canada, there are usually many Christmas parades in November every year. On November 17th, this year, the Divine Land Marching Band from Toronto was invited to five Christmas parades in Niagara, Hamilton, Brampton, Kitchener and Oshawa. The band was welcomed enthusiastically by the spectators.

The Divine Land Marching Land in the parade in Niagara

The band in the parade in Hamilton

Ms. Li of the band told this reporter, "Many organisers sent us invitations, and we ended up with five parades in one day."

The organiser of the parade in Niagara said that there were 137 groups in the parade and 30 thousand spectators. He said that the band's performance was very moving. "It was the only Chinese group," he said. "Their performance last year was impressive, so we invited them again."

When the band was rehearsing in Niagara, a gentleman came up to them. He told us that he was drawn by the music and that he was from Congo. He saw the words "Falun Dafa" on the practitioners' scarves. He wrote them down and told practitioners that he would call his son and ask him to come to see Falun Dafa in the parade.

The organiser of the parade in Hamilton said that there were two Chinese groups in the parade. He liked the performance of the band very much.

After the parade in Brampton, Mr. Wang, a trumpet player in the band, said: "I feel good today, not tired at all."

Ms. Lu, a drummer in the band, said: "I was a little tired in the last parade. But when I heard the flute behind me, the tired feeling was gone."

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