Policeman Beats Practitioner Into a Coma - then pours Water over Him to Wake Him Up

Panjin City Labour Camp in Liaoning Province is among the most terrifying places on earth. It is where persecution of Dafa practitioners has taken place. The second-in-command is one of the most villainous persons imaginable.

He, the Administrative head and Educational head give orders to beat practitioners. The team leaders then viciously carry these orders. The current Administrative Vice leader, Liu Dahan, is one of the main perpetrators. Liu claimed that he is well accepted by, and has big influence in both "black" and "white" circles (referring to the political circle and a gangster group).

He was promoted due to his effort in persecuting Dafa practitioners during brain-washing classes.

Chen, a 29 year-old man, obtained his position in the camp after he left the army. His badge ID is 21890041. He has a heart of bad intention and he is without mercy.

Almost every determined Dafa practitioner has been beaten by him. Once Chen beat a Dafa practitioner into a coma. Afterwards he poured freezing water onto his face to wake him up. Chen then continued to beat him brutally for a long time. His anger not quite vented, Chen shocked his victim with an electric baton. Including his eyes. The eyeballs were ruptured, but Chen still had no pity.

Another time, Chen, whose weighs over 90 kg, threw, a Dafa practitioner who is 160cm tall and weighs about 50 kg, against the wall.

He then stomped on his stomach, forcing faeces from the brutalised body that caused soiling of his trousers. Even then, the villain still did not stop the beatings.

What else but the word "evil' can suffice to describe his inhumanity?

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/4/19/21145.html

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