A Falun Gong Practitioner's Brother in China Speaks His Heart

I discovered the Falun Gong related website, Clearwisdom.net, by chance a short while ago. My sister was arrested several months ago by the Public Security Bureau and held in a detention centre. She was sentenced to prison where she will soon have to serve her term. I am very distressed to tell this sad story. My family is heartbroken to see my brother-in-law have to raise two young children by himself.

I am not a Falun Gong practitioner, I am an ordinary citizen. Like many people, I do not understand, and do not have time to learn about the current situations of the many citizens in our country. I do not really care much about people's lives. Their lives have little to do with me. As long as I can provide for my family I am fine. When I see injustice, I feel pity for the poor individuals and curse the unfair society, and that is all. I pay more attention to making money and bettering my life. I do not understand my sister who practices Falun Dafa and spends much of her time letting others know what the practice is and why the persecution is wrong. She has been persecuted into poverty, and her life lies in complete ruins, as she has become totally destitute. I have nothing against Falun Gong. I applaud Falun Gong because those who practise it pursue "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" and do nothing but good deeds. I never believed the propaganda on TV, such as the so-called self-immolation, the killings, and suicides. I know my sister very well, and she and her fellow practitioners are all good people. It is impossible for them to do anything bad. But I am very disgusted with the Chinese Communist Party. This government has been persecuting kind people, committing the most horrible crimes. I now regret that I did not visit my sister when she was arrested numerous times over the years. Thankfully my third sister went to appeal, to rescue, and to find people to help us.

I did not see my sister until she was released after going on a hunger strike. She called me first from our mother's home, and told me that she missed her child very much. She had been in prison for a year and a half, and was worn to a shadow of her former self. I thought she was dying, and I could not help but cry. After my sister was released, she was followed by a secret agent, and nearly suffered a mental collapse from missing her baby. She could not go home to see her baby, who still required breast-feeding. I realised then just how much my sister had endured.

I believe my sister is great. She did not do anything wrong, and she is a good person. After college graduation, she sacrificed everything for her belief. What is wrong in believing in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance?" It is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and this demonic dark society that should be hated. Falun Gong is accepted and warmly praised all over the world. Why do people in China have to be persecuted? The only thing I can say is this: The CCP is evil, and it insists on persecuting the righteous. I believe that the universal law is that evil will never prevail. The CCP is doomed to fail and justice will prevail, and I believe that date is coming soon.

After my sister was arrested this time, countless problems arose, which entangled my entire family. These problems left me unable to appeal for my sister. Several days ago, one of my sister's fellow practitioners came and had a long talk with me. After that talk I corrected many wrong thoughts which were in my subconscious. A part of me still thought that my sister should be sentenced.

After I talked with this practitioner, I suddenly awakened. I know my sister is a good person. Why should a good person be sentenced to prison? She did not do anything to harm anyone and went to appeal for being treated unfairly. On what evidence or grounds is the CCP sentencing her to prison?

I asked for help at many law offices. Hearing that the case was related to Falun Gong, they shook their heads and replied with similar sentiments such as: "We can help you with anything such as murder, arson, fraud, or robbery, but not Falun Gong!"

I was completely outraged! Innocent people are constantly sentenced to prison and true criminals get away when they have money. What kind of society is this? When this thought emerged, all the troubling issues at home disappeared over night. I felt full of righteous thoughts. (It was quite an amazing feeling.)

A friend of mine who is a lawyer is also furious about the current social situation. He has accepted many cases that other lawyers would not touch because he is a man of conscience. He frequently says, "China will not be good until the Party is removed from power." He asked me if I had read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party which he highly recommended and said, "The book is so accurately written!"

I am very proud of my sister. She pursues her belief and the truth and does not give up even when her life is in danger. How many believers like her can you count in history? I admire my sister and her fellow practitioners. I particularly admire the great Chinese attorney Gao Zhisheng. They are all striving and fighting for those who are persecuted. Have all the Chinese awakened from this? The whole world is watching.

There is justice in this world, this is an absolute truth. I also now believe that the heavens do truly exist. To those perpetrators who persecute my sister and her fellow practitioners: You will know the truth when you arrive in hell. Heaven is watching the deeds of everyone!

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