Press Release by Falun Gong Practitioners in Bielefeld: German Doctors Aid Torture Victim from China

The torture victim, Zhen Wang, whose hips were broken during torture, was operated on for the second time in Germany. September 10th was the date when doctors at St. Vincent’s Hospital near Bielefeld implanted a hip prosthesis into the hip of thirty year old Zhen Wang. Both of his hip joints were broken during inhuman torture in a slave labour camp in China four years ago.

Wang suffered great pain when trying to inch along while holding onto his crutches. At the age of twenty four Wang was arrested in September of 2001 in Shanghai and imprisoned for two years in a Shanghai slave labour camp without any legal process. He was imprisoned for one reason only; he practised Falun Gong, a peaceful Buddhist meditation practice that is banned, as all other orthodox religions, in China. According to Wang, he was arrested during mass arrests because the Chinese Communist regime was afraid of demonstrations during the APEC conference in Shanghai.

Wang experienced that peaceful people, who are seen by the Communist regime as a threat to their power, are dealt with worse than murderers and rapists in slave labour camps. At the slave labour camp, the guards ordered drug addicted inmates to monitor, humiliate and beat up Wang.

On April 15th 2003, five inmates in his cell tortured him and broke both of his hip joints. The slave labour camp doctor gave Wang only a few pain-killers although he suffered from multiple broken bones and his body was covered with wounds from burning cigarettes.

Siemens Subsidiary was Ordered to Fire Wang

Wang is a witness to the disappearance and/or murder from torture of good friends. The body of one of Wang’s good friends at the slave labour camp was covered with wounds from torture just before he died. He still suffers nightmares from what he saw while in the slave labour camp. After his release from the slave labour camp, Wang was offered a job at the Siemen’s Shanghai subsidiary. He was fired shortly after, as the firm was officially notified that they could not hire a Falun Gong practitioner. Given that, Wang decided to leave China and study in Germany, as he expected discrimination even in foreign firms operating in China.

Wang arrived at the end of 2004 in Germany, but had to stop his studies after one year because of the terrible pain he suffered. He is married to a German since March 2006 and lives in Bielefeld.

Wang was a given medical assistance in Germany, the assistance he was denied in China. He hopes to live a normal life after his operation.

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