Germany: Support in Munich for Withdrawals from the CCP ahead of the National Day of Mourning

On September 29th, 2007, Falun Gong practitioners from Bavaria, Germany, held activities to support the withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at Munich’s Karlsplatz, ahead of the National Day of Mourning.

Basking in the sunshine after a few days of rain, Munich felt so refreshing. The cool autumn weather attracted many tourists for Oktoberfest. Against the striking scenery of people in traditional Bavarian costumes, was the gathering to support quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated associations.

Setting up banners reading “Support twenty-six million quitting the CCP”, “The CCP organ harvest from live Falun Gong practitioners”, etc. and laying out photos that exposed the CCP’s crimes against Chinese people during its reign, Falun Gong practitioners gathered together ahead of the National Day of Mourning to support Chinese people quitting the CCP and to welcome the re-birth of the Chinese nation.

Several Chinese delegations and tourist groups were attracted by the banners and photos when they passed Karlsplatz, many of whom were more than willing to accept truth material offered. Some wanted to quit the Communist Youth League or the Young Pioneers on the spot. A few, however, could not understand and considered it as a disgrace for the Chinese people. Practitioners patiently explained that the CCP is not equal to China and that five thousand years of Chinese culture did not have the evil CCP in it, hoping they would be able to see through the true nature of the evil CCP.

What can we do as German Citizens?

When asked why signing the petition to condemn the CCP organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners, a young man from Spain answered in fluent Chinese, “Many Chinese can not say what they are thinking in mainland China. I hope (by signing the petition) they all can speak out and get out in the future. I think many in Europe or the States do not know about this. Those who can not speak their mind are very sad.” His companion, Ms. Chao, believed that everyone has rights. Organ harvesting is immoral, which ought to be condemned by everybody.

A student journalist, Anna Schattenhofer, was interning with a newspaper. After signing the petition, she said, “Such horror is unheard of. Having seen the photos, I have goose bumps all over me. Such horror must be put to a stop immediately. It is a disgrace for the Chinese government. I’m lost for words. I’m more than happy to do anything, such as signing, etc.”

A lady from the Bavarian region, Anna Schultz, said, “I’ve never experienced anything so horrible. I didn’t know things were so bad in China right now.” Mr. Alexander Leonart continued, “Because of economic considerations, our media do not report. Human are treated like animals, turned into organ banks to be killed at will when their organs are in demand. These torture exhibits are also incredible. My question is, as German citizens, what we can do to protest. I think it is a good idea to hold such activities.”

Conscience finally overcome selfishness

A young man pushing a bike along hesitated for a long time in front of the stand. Having worked in China for a while, he understood the situation there. He wanted very much to sign the petition but was afraid of inviting trouble in view of his upcoming new assignment in China. Feeling uneasy, he shared his thoughts with a practitioner there, admitting to being selfish.

The practitioner told him that at the moment the CCP regime is in crisis. The huge number of people quitting the CCP scares it to death. It has no longer the strength to investigate those who signed the petition, as so many had done. So what even if it did find out.You could say it was your point of view in a dignified way. In critical times like this, people’s attitude makes a difference. Gods judge people by heart. Those who can stand up for justice in spite of their own interests are regarded as real human in the eyes of Gods. Nations like this, which Gods will bless, will have hope. On the other hand, those who keep their silence connive with the evil. These people and nations have no future in the eyes of Gods. When Jesus was persecuted, if all those who had benefited from him could come forward to say something good, perhaps Jesus did not have to be crucified. Deeply moved by these words, the young man said he knew what he had to do. He could feel the strength and energy from Falun Gong practitioners, which he was very grateful for. Afterwards he signed the petition to condemn the CCP’s organ harvesting.

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