United Kingdom: Falun Gong Practitioners at the Birmingham Art Festival

On the 15th and 16th of September, 2007, UK Falun Gong practitioners took part in the UK's biggest free arts festival. This was the sixth year that Falun Gong practitioners have been invited to join.

Practitioners demonstrate the five Falun Gong exercises

During the festival, practitioners' stall was located in the centre of Birmingham. As festival-goers gathered around, practitioners distributed leaflets to them and demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises. Practitioners felt people’s concern and in terms of Chinese people’s attitude towards the leaflets, there was a significant difference to last year. Most people were happy to receive leaflets; many people sent their blessings for the peaceful appeal which Falun Gong practitioners are carrying out against the persecution. Many Chinese people stopped in front of our stall, watching practitioners’ exercises demonstration and carefully listening to practitioners' explanations before taking a copy of the Epoch Times editorial, the Nine Commentaries back home with them. One practitioner saw four young Chinese students in front of the stall and then gave them an information VCD and a Chinese Nine Commentaries, and they all strived to be the first to get a copy.

Festival-goers read the leaflets distributed by practitioners

There was a music stage not far away and the sound from the loudspeakers was deafening. Some of the spectators said with surprise when they saw practitioners doing the exercises, “The rock music is so noisy; they still can be so tranquil.” The peaceful and tranquil exercises attracted passers-by and people watched practitioners doing the exercises with interest for quite a while. Many people asked about the exercise practice site and expressed their wishes to learn. A guy from our neighbouring stall watched practitioners doing the exercises for a long time on the first day. The next day, when practitioners were doing the exercises, he learned the exercises along with them.

The Falun Gong stall

As well as manning a stall, practitioners also joined the stage performances, performing a couple of traditional-style dances. Falun Gong practitioners in Chinese traditional dress also demonstrated the five Falun Gong exercises on the stage. During the day, when the festival concluded, the Falun Gong group also took part in the closing parade activity.

Practitioners take part in the closing parade

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