Germany: Falun Dafa Practitioners Parade in Cologne

Parade begins at the Cathedral in Cologne Celestial maidens dance gracefully for the audience

On September 16th, 2007, a procession of Falun Gong practitioners took place on the streets of Cologne, a popular tourist destination in Germany. The parade included "celestial maidens" in pink traditional Chinese outfits, waist-drummers wearing golden yellow traditional Chinese costumes, and the Divine Land Marching Band, composed of more than 100 practitioners.

An eye-catching banner reading "Falun Dafa" leads the grand parade

People in the streets along the parade route stopped to watch the procession. Many people accepted flyers handed out by Falun Dafa practitioners. While enjoying the performances, the spectators also learned about Falun Dafa as well as the persecution of the practice by the Chinese Communist Party.

Crowds of pedestrians in the street stop to watch the band

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