Finland: Raising Awareness about the Persecution of Falun Gong with an 'Anti-Torture Exhibition' in Helsinki

On September 8th, 2007, Falun Gong practitioners from Helsinki gathered beside the railway station to hold an anti-torture exhibition, exposing the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong and the atrocity of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. They called out to people to help uphold justice and stop the persecution.

Practitioners displayed a banner reading “Falun Gong is good” and a practitioner demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises, showing people the peaceful nature of the practice. On the other side, people were shocked to see the horrible pictures of a victimised Falun Gong practitioner on a banner reading “Stop Persecuting Falun Gong”, as well as a living re-enactment of organ harvesting form living Falun Gong practitioners. They did not dare to believe that the persecution of Falun Gong was going on nowadays in China. Many approached to learn more and signed the petition form against the persecution.

A Finnish lady said 'Heshi' to every practitioner demonstrating the Falun Gong exercises to express her gratefulness.

An English-speaking student said, “I used to be a Buddhist. I know that Falun Gong is persecuted in China but never realised that it can be so horrifying. I will tell these to other people and act together with you to stop the persecution.”

A Finnish lady walking along with an Iranian said to a practitioner, “This is terrible. I have signed the petition form.” She then talked with hhe friend about the truth of Falun Gong.

A man from South Africa asked for some English material and accepted the Epoch Times newspaper's editorial, "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party". He said to a practitioner that he wanted to know why the CCP persecuted Falun Gong.

“It must be stopped. Russia used to be like this, too.” a Russian Christian woman said.

“People should save the Falun Gong practitioners” a passer-by said.

Upon accepting materials from a practitioner, an old man said, “The persecution in China is too horrible. You are doing a good job.” The practitioner said, “You can sign the petition form to support us.” He signed the form right away.

Seeing the re-enactment of organ harvesting, a Chinese girl said, “This is impossible. I have never heard this when I was in China.” Then she left. After a little while she came back again and said, “No one can do this.” She could not believe what she saw and heard could be true. A practitioner told her, “We are here to reveal the truth about Falun Gong to people. You better read our materials carefully first. You especially should read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to learn the evil nature of the CCP, and then you will understand why this happens”. In the end, she accepted the materials and promised that she would read them at home.

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