Police Incite Criminals: "If you see any Falun Gong practitioners come in, beat them for me."


Around the October 1, 2001, a female practitioner was sent to Liziba detention centre. People called her Yuan Hua. She was about fifty years old. After she was sent in, she insisted on practicing Falun Gong exercises and as a result frequently suffered beatings by female criminals. The guards pretended to not see and hear the abuse. They asked criminals to handcuff her in a "horse-riding" posture. In protest she went on hunger strike until the police released her from the handcuffs. She continued to practice and the police handcuffed her again. The director of the jail repeatedly abused her. On the eighth day of her hunger strike, police sent her to the jail hospital and then transferred her to Maojiashan forced labour camp. Along with her, they arrested her son and detained him in a male cell in the Liziba Detention Centre. In the female cells we could often hear cries coming from the male cells. The guards said that the cry was from Yuan Hua's son.

At night, on January 4, 2002 nine practitioners, four male and five female, were sent to the Liziba Detention Centre. We heard they were forcibly taken from their homes while they slept. As soon as a female practitioner named Wang Ya was brought in, a guard attempted to put on shackles to her. When she refused, a guard violently hit and kicked her. People on the entire floor could hear the abuse. Wang Ya shouted, "The 610 office hits people!" Police placed her on a bed, covered her and punched her; the guards pretended not see it. After a few days, senior-ranking policemen came to interrogate her. She refused to greet them. After the interrogation these policemen ordered the jailers, "She does not know the rules; teach her a lesson." Again she suffered violent beatings and kicking. Some practitioners from other cells shouted, "Stop the evil! You are forbidden to hit people!" Not until then did those criminals stop. Later I heard that the police incited these criminals by saying: "If you see any Falun Gong practitioners come in, beat them for me."

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/4/14/20964.html
Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2002/4/6/27978.html

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