Ireland: Car Tour Raises Public Awareness of the Persecution

On June 11th, Irish practitioners started a seven day car tour in order to raise public awareness of the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

Northern Sound Radio interviews practitioners
The car tour started in Dublin, visiting Louth county, Cavan county, Monaghan county, Donegal county, Sligo county and Leitrim county, and concluded in Longford county. During this seven day tour, weather condition was very unstable, creating additional difficulties for the team. Nevertheless, the practitioners were determined to complete the project so that more people would learn about the persecution.

Upon arriving at a city, they would first visit the city council members and media to introduce Falun Gong and facts of the persecution to them. After the visit, they would hold an information event in the city. The car tour was met with great response form the public. Many kind hearted people commented that they had never heard about Falun Gong, the persecution and the atrocities of harvesting organs from living practitioners. Some civilians told the practitioners, “You have done a great job! Please keep up your noble effort!” Some told them, “The CCP is so evil, how can their members sleep well?” Some volunteered to help practitioners and told passers-by, “Please help the practitioners persecuted in China, freedom is the rights for everyone and good will prevail.”

There were also many Chinese international students who expressed their indignation at the CCP's atrocities after they learned about the truth of the persecution. Several Chinese asked the practitioners to help them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations. Among them, two said that they practised Falun Gong in China before the persecution started in 1999. One said, “I had a stomach injury and many doctors could not heal me. I later learned Falun Gong which miraculously gave me health. However, I gave up the practice when the CCP started the persecution. I am so pleased to see you guys and I fully support you.”

The car tour also attracted much attention from media. Northern Sound Radio, the Monaghan Echo, the Donegal Democrat and the Donegal Post reported the car tour. Participant Ms. Dai said, “Not only local residents learned about the facts of the persecution, but also many local media carried articles about the persecution as they realized that this issue is very important.”

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