Germany: On World Falun Dafa Day and during the EU-China Human Rights Dialogue, Practitioners Inform the People of Berlin about the Persecution

On the occasion of the eighth World Falun Dafa day and the EU-China Human Rights Dialogue, many activities were organised in the form of an awareness-raising day on the square of Berlin’s Gedächtniskirche (Remembrance Church). Around 250 Falun Gong practitioners from all over Europe arrived for these activities. The main reason for this Saturday event was to expose to the citizens of Berlin the tremendous human rights violations by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against the Falun Gong meditation practice.

A representative of the Society for Human Rights (ISHR) gave a speech during which he condemned the criminal activities committed by the CCP. A practitioner who was a victim of the persecution in China spoke of his experiences. They straddled forcefully this young Chinese man’s legs in a Chinese slave labour camp until his tendons were torn and his hipbone broken. Since that time he has been severely handicapped. Another practitioner spoke about his wife, who is still imprisoned in a slave labour camp because she practises Falun Gong.

To show the citizens of Berlin the human rights violations, as well as making them understand the torture their imagination cannot comprehend, the practitioners re-enacted torture methods, including organ harvesting. They re-enacted how organ harvesting was performed on innocent and healthy Falun Gong practitioners, so an economic profit could be earned from the organs. The trade of organs that were taken from Falun Gong practitioners, who are imprisoned in the hundreds of camps until their organs are needed, is a lucrative source of income for the CCP. Despite the rain, people stopped by and wanted to hear about the persecution.

The European Falun Gong Choir Passersby ask a practitioner who became handicapped from the torture he suffered in China about his experiences

The song sung by the European Falun Gong Choir “Coming for You” and some dances performed by a few Falun Gong practitioners, represented the harmony and spirit of Falun Gong and were included in the events on Gedächtniskirche Square. The choir songs and the dance performances made many people stop in their tracks. They enjoyed the powerful and beautiful song and the movements of the young dancers. The practitioners received great applause and many of the people gladly took leaflets.

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