Switzerland: Lucerne Residents Condemn the CCP's Brutality

Falun Gong information posters can always be seen in Lucerne's Mublenplatz Square. On the 5th of May, 2007, Swiss Falun Gong practitioners went to Mublenplatz to support an activity held by the local 'Quitting the CCP Service Centre' to mark 21 million withdrawals from the CCP.

Various sorts of posters exposed that, in the fifty-eight years since the CCP established a government, the evil party has killed eighty million innocent people. From July 20th,1999, until today the CCP has been brutally persecuting over 100 million Falun Gong practitioners. The recent revelation that the CCP has been harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners is even more shocking and horrible.

It was raining heavily but people viewed the information boards in the rain, and many asked for leaflets and further information. Two young men said, after studying the pictures seriously, that CCP is too evil. "We are students of a Chinese Kong-fu (martial art) school. Please give us some petition forms. We will distribute them to other students at our school and let more people know how evil the CCP is, and let them sign the petition to condemn the CCP".

Passers-by signed the petition forms in the rain

A gentleman said angrily after viewing the pictures, "Heaven will annihilate the CCP for sure. Everyone has seen that there are no human rights under the sovereignty of the CCP. The CCP thinks itself very clever, making people believe that its’ human rights conditions have improved by releasing one or two jailed (illegally) just before the Olympics. This foolish kind of means cannot cheat people in the world". He signed the petition to support Falun Gong exposing the evil CCP crime and took all sorts of information before he left.

When a Swiss middle-aged woman was informed that the CCP harvests organs from living Falun Gong practitioners in order to get large profit, she was shocked and said, "This is too brutal, but I believe it is what the CCP has done. I am very sorry about Falun Gong". She expressed that she would contact with Amnesty International and urging them to pay attention to this affair. She promised Falun Gong practitioners that she would tell them what result she had got when she meets them next time.

On that day, there were also a lot of Chinese tourists passing by the information stall. They were shocked when they saw the practitioners' banners. Some of the practitioners went to talk with the Chinese tourists, and to persuade them to quit the CCP. Lots of them said that they understood in their hearts that by now, nobody still believes in the CCP. When practitioners suggested that they quit the party, some promised immediately, some said they would quit on the internet when they go back. There still were some who due to the fear of CCP dared not accept the material. The practitioners thus explained in more detail and told them that only without the CCP will there be a new China. Only without the CCP will China have hope of the Chinese people having a future and then their lives will become more comfortable.

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