Finland: Finnish People Express Concern about Zhang Weijie’s Kidnap by the CCP

“I am a member of Amnesty, we are aware of this, did you contact us? You’ve done well”.

“I know there are some organisations in Finland paying attention to human rights issue, such as the Red Cross, you can go to find them and it may be helpful.”

“You have done well, the Finnish population isn’t large, but if everyone comes to sign, it will be a great help.”

On May 5th, 2007, a group of Finnish Falun Gong practitioners went to the central railway station again to raise awareness about the persecution. They told the people about the cruel persecution that the CCP inflicted on Falun Gong practitioners and appealed to the Finnish government to help rescue Zhang Weijie, who was kidnapped by the CCP's 610 Office in Wuhan, China. Chinese foreign student Sunny told the people that all her father’s information was still missing, after her mother tried everyway to find him. What made them more worried was the lively organ harvesting that CCP inflicted on Falun Gong practitioners to gain huge profits, every second this threatened Zhang Weijie’s safety. She repeated all these above, when appealing to the Finnish government and people to help, holding a letter to the Finnish government and the parliament in hand. Sunny said, from those words above, "I didn’t feel lonely any longer; so many virtuous Finnish people were standing by our side.

People read the details about Zhang Weijie’s kidnap

Passersby want to know more from practitioners

Signing practitioners' petition to condemn the persecution

The sun was shining that day and the feedback was quite good. Some read the details about Zhang Weijie’s kidnap and Sunny’s letter, while others read the posters about the persecution which the CCP inflicts on Falun Gong practitioners.

This activity also attracted the attention of young people; it was good to see several young people waiting to sign their names. One young lady said, "I know that the CCP only does bad deeds".

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