Denmark: Rally in Copenhagen to Support Twenty Million Withdrawals from the CCP

On the afternoon of April 1st, 2007, an activity to support twenty million people quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Mainland China and the world was held on Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Lots of people passing by stopped to look, converse and discuss.

This activity was initiated by Denmark's Quitting the CCP Service Centre and various other non-governmental organizations in Denmark. Some of them were westerners who are passionate about Chinese culture, some were Chinese, concerned about the fate of the China, and some were from the media working for several newspapers, TV and radio stations. There were also some Falun Gong practitioners who have suffered the CCP's persecution.

Mr. Bill Andersen, a retired Dane of nearly eighty years, has been calling for justice for the persecuted people in China. His articles on China's human rights issues which expose the CCP's persecution of kind-hearted people are often published in many of Denmark's most popular newspapers. On that day he was there again, distributing material to passersby about the current tide of withdrawals from the CCP in Mainland China.

Retiree Bill draws people’s attention to the current tide of withdrawals from the CCP in Mainland China

It was sunny and bright that day and people were enjoying the pleasant weekend weather, and there was an endless flow of people on the streets. Many people were intrigued by such unusual news that twenty million people have quit the CCP. They stopped by and came to find out in more detail.

On the central square of the oldest city in northern Europe, banners and signs caught people’s eye. An interesting selection of pictures which accompany The Epoch Times’ series of editorials “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” depicted the countless tragedies under the CCP’s reign of terror, and were shocking to the eye and touching to people’s hearts. A loudspeaker relayed “The Nine Commentaries” in English, which completely reveals all of the Communist Party’s crimes in history, vividly yet fully and accurately. Out of the tourists who come from all over the world, lots of them received a copy of “The nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” in their own language. The organisers and participants of the event were very keen to put the latest news from China into people’s hands and explain to people that this event happening in China is an important historical milestone which is changing China’s fate and determining China’s future.

A westerner was really hoping to get hold of a formal and properly bound book of “The Nine Commentaries”. He was granted his wish and given a book of “The Nine Commentaries” in English he was so delighted, it was as if he had just found some kind of treasure.

An end to the CCP is the universal wish of all people around the world

A gentleman from Norway said that in the past he was involved with helping Yugoslavians gain their freedom, and he knew lots about the crimes committed by the Communist Party in East Europe. East Europeans have already escaped from the Communist Party’s enslavement and very soon the Chinese people would break free of the evil CCP as well. Great! He took away a copy of “The Nine Commentaries” in English, and planned to read in detail the article which is changing China’s history.

A tourist from Nepal said that as he was living in China’s neighbouring country, not only does he know a lot about the CCP’s suppression of Tibetans, he has also deeply experienced how the CCP intimidates and terrorises its neighbours, the anxiety and dread is beyond words. When he talked about how the CCP does not want Tibet to become independent out of consideration for its own safety, the Chinese lady who was talking to him told him that the matter of the question is not about whether giving Tibet independence will affect the CCP’s security, but the point is that with the CCP’s anti-human and unscrupulous nature it can never win anyone’s trust. This feeling of unresolved and constant crisis makes it regard people of other religions as threats and there is no way that it can treat its neighbours with a sincere heart and live in harmony. Here, the Nepalese tourist was suddenly enlightened and was able to understand. A sooner disintegration of the CCP is the strong collective wish of the people in the neighbouring countries who have long endured the CCP’s harassment and intimidation.

A Danish gentleman who was riding a bicycle jumped off his bike when he saw the scene and started to look at the pictures in detail. After gladly receiving a copy of “The Nine Commentaries” in English he said that five years ago he took part personally in the parade in Hong Kong together with the citizens of Hong Kong to protest against the unreasonable and malicious law “Article 23”. The way in which the conscience for democracy was awakened so quickly in the people of Hong Kong, even under the circumstances that their own rights were at risk, left him a deep impression. He said in the western world, although some political figures are still holding their indifferent stances towards the CCP’s violence for the economical profit in front of their eyes, the CCP’s threat towards world peace is being more and more recognised. For example, the CCP’s aggressive and predatory policy towards the natural environment contrasts strongly with the Danish society’s high respect for nature and Denmark’s adoption of all kinds of ways to protect the environment. By doing this the CCP has also threatened the whole world’s natural environment. All of these things are gradually waking up the people of the western world to the CCP’s deceits.

“Let me take a good look and find out about the truth in detail”

The hearts of Chinese people were shaken

On that day, there were also lots of Chinese tourists from all over the world and many local Chinese residents. When they saw the big banners which read in both Chinese and English – “Supporting twenty million quitting the CCP”, “The CCP’s roots have been pulled out, what are you waiting for?” and “Heaven destroys the CCP, quit the Party and save yourself, don’t follow the CCP to the grave”, the Chinese people were really astonished psychologically. The changes of celestial phenomena are mirrored in the human world not only Chinese people from Taiwan and Hong Kong take the materials now, many tourists and students from mainland China are starting to accept materials and “The Nine Commentaries” booklets as well. The newest materials prepared by the organisers of the activity beforehand even started to run short. When the people from Mainland China accepted the materials, when they saw the words “Chinese Communist Party is doomed” which were naturally formed on the huge rock in the Zhangbu region of Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, they could not express the shock that they were experiencing inside. Before truthful facts and all kinds of supernatural signs, their hearts were undergoing tremendous changes. Many people thought silently about the facts that they did not know before, and about the careful decision that they were going to make about their lives.

Announcing to withdraw from the Communist Youth League and Pioneers on the spot

A young man from Mainland China said that he was a devoted Christian and because of his faith, he was forced to find a new life overseas. After a long and honest conversation with a lady from the Quitting CCP Service Centre, he finally realised that in the past he was wrong to think that because he has already returned to the Lord, he did not need to make any further announcements about being part of the Chinese Communist Party’s relevant organisations many years earlier. This is a confused assumption. Only by making an open statement to cut oneself off completely from the Party’s vows, to wash the beasts mark clean off, could one really free one’s heart. With strong resolution and determination, he demanded that he quit the Youth League and Pioneers immediately with his real name.

Passersby talk with practitioners

Liu Xiaotian is an orphan of Falun Gong practitioners. Because his parents refused to give up their belief in “Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance”, they were both persecuted to death by the CCP in five months. He underwent all kinds of hardships and fled eventually to Denmark. His story moved the hearts of all kind-hearted people in Denmark and around the world. Today, he took a break in his work to specially attend this activity. He said that if everyone stood up to condemn this malevolent Party, then tragedies like his family and tens of thousands of persecuted Chinese people would not have to be repeated again.

Two thousand brave souls withdrawing from the CCP have already taken the CCP’s roots out. “Heaven destroys the CCP” has already become a sure step in history and the unstoppable divine will is being manifested in the world every day. No matter if it's the people who were brave enough to stand up and break free, or those people who still cannot envisage and regard this historical tide properly, will all make a decision for the future of their lives in this short and soon-to-pass period of time.

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