Australia: Divine Performing Arts Performs in Sydney

After eight successful shows in four cities, the Divine Performing Arts played in Sydney on March 29th, 2007.

NTDTV held a pre-show reception. More than 150 politicians, media, representatives from business community, Chinese community and art community attended. Reporters from the mainstream media in Sydney, such as Channel 7 and 9, 2UE Radio Station, FM 99.3, and newspapers from the Italian and Thai communities watched and reported on the show. The first show in Sydney amazed the audience. Many Chinese people expressed that they were proud of it, and many Westerners said that it was the best show they ever saw. The sponsors of the show expressed that the show was fabulous and they would like to sponsor it every year.

Mr. David Clarke, MP: "The programme has deep content"

Mr. David Clarke, a Member of Parliament from New South Wales, said that the show has manifested the Chinese culture so that people in Australia can enjoy it. He said that he enjoyed every performance in the programme because their contents, such as freedom, moral and compassion, are very profound. He congratulated NTDTV for successfully promoting such a good show around the world.

Mr. David Clarke, MP

Mr. Clarke said that the performance "To the Rightful Place" is very important, because what Falun Gong practitioners are trying to promote is beneficial to everybody. Falun Gong practitioners are welcomed everywhere in the world.

Mr. Paul Mcleay, MP: "Show contributes to the multi-cultural tapestry of Australian society"

Mr. Paul Mcleay, MP

Mr. Paul Mcleay, MP, expressed that he enjoyed the show which features Chinese culture and contributes to the multi-cultural tapestry of Australian society.

CCP interference promotes the show

Before the show, the most famous TV programme in Australia, Lateline on ABC TV, reported the Spectacular and exposed the interference it faced from the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. There were still some tickets left and the publicity made people curious about the show and bought tickets. The CCP's evil behaviour promoted the show.

CCP pressure cannot stop people watching the Spectacular

The night before the show, ABC TV reported that the CCP had exerted pressure on some people, trying to keep them from going to the show. Mr. Ian Cohen, spokesman of The Greens, published a media release titled "Chinese Government Bullying will not stop Green MP's attendance." He said: "Tonight's show will be an event not to be missed. The overreaction of the Chinese Government officials begs the question - what have they got to hide?"

Mr. Cohen told this reporter that the Spectacular was fabulous. The dancing and music was amazing. He said that he liked the Erhu performance and called it a Chinese violin. He also liked the dance "Snow Mountain, White Lotus."

He mentioned that the Chinese Consulate had written to him, asking him not to go to the show. He said that the Chinese government should know that their action is useless, especially in Australia. He said that he would feel weird if any organisation, political power or representatives from a government is afraid of such a show.

Diplomats: "This is a good chance to learn Chinese culture"

Mr. Ernst Hofstetter, the Consul-General from Switzerland in Australia and his wife

Mr. Ernst Hofstetter, the Consul-General from Switzerland in Australia and his wife expressed that they were very happy to come to the show. He said that it is a very good chance to learn the Chinese culture. He said that the things he learned through the show are very impressive.

Mr. Hofstetter mentioned that he got a letter from the Chinese consulate ten days ago, in which the Chinese government officials asked him not to go to the show, and slandered Falun Gong. His wife was very surprised and could not believe that government officials from a country as large as China would ruin their image by interfering with the freedom of diplomats from other countries.

Italian Newspaper will keep reporting the Spectacular

Mr. Gilbert, the manager of La Fiamma, a newspaper in Italian community, and his wife and friends

Mr. Gilbert, the manager of La Fiamma, a newspaper in Italian community, and his wife and friends came to the reception. La Fiamma reported the Spectacular. After the show, Mr. Gilbert and his friends praised it. He said that he watched the news on ABC TV and he could not understand why the CCP would interfere with it. He went to China in January and watched some shows there, but he said that he didn't like them, and that the NTDTV Spectacular is very different. They expressed that they would come again next year. Mr. Gilbert was proud that his newspaper is one of the sponsors of the show. He hoped that NTDTV would provide them with some photos and related materials so that his newspaper can publish a report of the show.

Representative from an insurance company: "Amazing"

Belinda, a representative from NRMA Company, the biggest automobile insurance company in Australia, and her friend Patrick praised the show. Patrick liked the Erhu performed by Qi Xiaochun. The dance "A Dunhuang Dream" also attracted them. They were amazed that the dances are based on real historic stories.

Belinda said that through the show, she had a new and deeper understanding of Chinese culture. All the stories manifested by the dances told her the same thing - "go back to your true self." Belinda said that she likes the Chinese dances very much.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau: "We will sponsor the NTDTV Spectacular every year"

The Tourism Bureau in Taiwan is one of the sponsors of the show. Mr. Chang Funan, the chief of the Tourism Bureau in Australia, said that it was very worthy to sponsor this show, because it is fabulous. He liked the Dai Dance and the drum performance. He expressed that they will sponsor the show every year to promote the traditional Chinese culture.

Leader of the Chinese Community: "My favourite is the Dance "Hua Mulan""

Ms. Chen Shuyi, president of the Chinese Women's Association in Sydney, praised the show and the hosts of the show. She likes the dances and expressed that her favourite is the dance "Hua Mulan", which manifested Hua Mulan's character. She also said that the dance "a Dunhuang Dream" was very good.

On March 30th and 31st, the Divine Performing Arts will have other three shows in Sydney. After the big success of the first one, we believe that the next ones will be very popular.

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