France: New Year Spectacular Represents Grandeur and Beauty of a Genuine Chinese Nation

The NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular performed in Paris earlier this week. Some people who work in the media went to see the performance. They described the programmes as ‘‘perfect and outstanding’’ and were moved by its colour and music.

Blue Colour France broadcasting station manager: The technique is excellent

Michel Meyer, manager of the French number one public broadcasting group Blue Colour station, said, “This Gala had melted together with historical stories, martial arts, dance and all these exquisite performances, I can describe it with words from mysterious and perfect to outstanding.” He reiterated that he also likes martial arts and Chinese culture. He also expressed that, every singer’s technique was excellent, he enjoyed it very much.

Judah Community Broadcasting Station manager: discovering another China

Paris Judah Community Broadcasting Station manager Mr. Spiro indicated that, he had found another China, which was not like the one he contacted before. “It was a very nice Gala; we were moved and seeped in body and spirit by the beautiful colour and music.” The music was very comfortable to listen to and was different from the Chinese music he heard in other places, that kind of music was frustrating. He stressed again that these colourful dances can not be described by words, only to say that they were transcendent and fine.

The Marx and Engels river valley province senator Jean-Jacques JGOU disclosed that he was very interested in Chinese art, he said, this gala was like a dream, manifesting a genuine Chinese national grandeur and beauty.

The president of Act for human rights ,Françoise Lamperti, mentioned “Because we didn’t understand China and its history, this gala allowed us to understand them. Meanwhile it also brought us different cultures from various areas in China, unusual emotion and unusual happiness, because the gala brought us some spiritual things which now in China have disappeared.”

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