German Falun Gong Information Centre: Wife of Leipzig Resident Tortured in China

Press Release: December 7th, 2006

Mrs. Wang Xiaoyan is now held at the Masanjia-women’s labour camp
Leipzig (FDI) Zhang Zhentong, a thirty three year old information technology student from Leipzig, fears for the life of his wife Wang Xiaoyan. She has been suffering torture and abuse in a Chinese labour camp since July 2006, only because she practises Falun Gong. Chinese police confiscated her passport to prevent her and her daughter from immigrating to Germany. A letter smuggled out of the labour camp recently tells of the agony from the torture she suffers.

Photo of the original letter that was smuggled out of the camp
On May 27th, 2006, three policemen arrested Mrs. Wang just outside her home, when she was leaving for work. She was taken to a remand prison the same evening. On July 12th, 2006, she was sentenced to a two-year “re-education through labour” term, and immediately taken to Masanjia Women’s labour camp.

No arrest warrant was served. There was no indictment of Mrs. Wang. There was no court proceeding with the handing down of a verdict. She was not allowed to defend or avail herself of any legal means to prove her innocence.

Since the day of her arrest, her husband has appealed to the German public and politicians to publicise her ordeal and to ask for their help. Members from the International Society for Human Rights initiated a signature drive in German with a signature drive form attached for Mrs. Wang.

The Masanjia labour camp is located in the Liaoning Province and is one of the largest and most infamous labour camps in China, where Falun Gong practitioners are being imprisoned.

Numerous articles were published, detailing the extreme brutal and unrelenting torture which also resulted in the death of practitioners, bearing witness to the violation of the most fundamental human rights in this camp for many years past. Please refer to:

Mrs. Wang was able to have a letter smuggled out of the camp recently. In this letter she recounts the cruel abuse she suffers in this camp. It is a harrowing document from a human, calling on the world for help. The German version of the letter, originally written in Chinese is available at

In this letter Mrs. Wang writes, “They shackled me for one-and-a-half months to a bed, only because I practiced the Falun Gong exercises and called out “Falun Gong is good". During that time, guard Wang Xiaofeng, put a dirty cloth in my mouth, guard Li Mingyu slapped my ears and Wang Naimin squeezed my lips until they were broken and injured. But, the worst happened when two of the camp leaders, Ma Jishan and Chen Mir, belted my face with their fists on July 15th, 2006. Even today, the swelling has not gone down.”

One of the guards forced medication into me that impaired my central nervous system. “This medication was forced into my system for three days. Every time, Ma Jishan used a pries-bar to open my mouth as far as possible, this resulted in excruciating pain. I felt I would rather die than live.” On August 30th, 2006, this woman was shackled for three days to a bunk bed, with one hand bound to the top rail and the other on the most bottom rail. She was not allowed to sleep or wash herself. She could neither stand up nor sit.

Especially before the impending day for human rights, employees from the FalunInfo Centre appealed to all people, but most of all to members of the German Federal Government to speak out firmly against the state sanctioned terror Falun Gong practitioners suffer in China. They also appeal to the German Federal Government that they do all in their power to achieve Mrs. Wang be released from an unbearable situation in a labour camp and grant her the right to stay in Germany.

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