Radio Free Asia: A Husband Calls on German Society to Help Rescue his Detained Wife

Zhang Zhentong is an international student in Germany and his wife Wang Xiaoyan is being detained in the notorious Masanjia Labour Camp where she has been subject to brutal persecution. Zhang recently obtained evidence that his wife is being persecuted and thus called upon German society and government for help to rescue her.

On December 22nd, Radio Free Asia reported that international student Zhang Zhentong recently obtained evidence of the brutal persecution that his wife Wang Xiaoyan has been subject to. Wang is a Falun Gong practitioner and is being detained in Masanjia Labour Camp in Shenyang for her belief. As Europe is getting ready to celebrate Christmas, Zhang called upon the German society and government to rescue his wife. Below is the transcript of an RFA interview with Mr. Zhang.

Regarding Wang’s latest situation, Zhang said, "She is now being detained in the Masanjia Labour Camp in Shenyang city. We learned that she has been brutal persecuted. When she was first transferred to the camp, she was beaten up for not denouncing Falun Gong. At one point, her two hands were handcuffed and locked to a bunk bed unit: one hand was locked to the upper bed and the other was locked to the lower bed, forming a cross shape. In such a position, she couldn’t neither stand nor sit. In addition, she was not allowed to sleep or use the toilet."

However, the persecution is not limited to this.

Zhang said, "Because she still refused go to give up her belief, to force her to write a letter denouncing Falun Gong, several male guards tied her to a “Death Bed”. The authority then had a doctor to force feed her with unknown drugs which damage the neurological system. Every time, they inserted a metal implement to prise open her mouth. It was extremely painful. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg and she has been brutally persecuted from day one to today."

Zhang continued, “The guard who has torture her most brutally is called Ma Jishan and is notorious for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He has persecuted many practitioners. The camp is notorious for brutally persecuting practitioners.”

Regarding the response form German society, Zhang said, "Voice of Germany TV has interviewed me and posted it on its website. On December 11th, in a twenty-five minute programme on politics, the last eleven minutes was about the interview. We have also contacted other media about this and I will submit this evidence to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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