Norway/Sweden: On World Human Rights Day, the Nordic People Support the Sixteen Million Withdrawals from the CCP

To mark World Human Rights Day, people from Nordic countries held a parade and rally in the Norwegian capital Oslo and the Swedish capital Stockholm, on December 9th and 10th respectively, to support the sixteen million withdrawals from the CCP and its related organisations.

The Nobel Prize award ceremony was being held in Oslo and Stockholm. Representatives from many international agencies, media, human rights organisations, as well as the relatives, family members and friends of the winners of the Nobel Prize gathered in the two cities. The people on the street were rushing about doing their Christmas shopping.

When the parade appeared on the street, people were very curious to see what was going on. The resounding sound of the drums made people come over to see what’s happening. People watched the parade, asking questions and taking leaflets with a smile.

The followings are some photos of the parade and rally in Oslo:

Rally in front of the Norwegian parliament building The waist-drummers on Oslo Square
Speech given by a representative from a human rights association Speech from a soldier who quit the CCP

The followings are some photos of the parade and rally in Stockholm:


Distributing leaflets

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