Investigation Lead: Whose Healthy Lungs Were Transplanted?

After the horrifying discovery of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners was exposed on March 4th, 2006, the Falun Dafa Association and the Minghui/Clearwisdom website founded the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China" (CIPFG, also called "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution") exactly one month later. The CIPFG is collecting information from people who have come forward and is calling on people who know the truth to further expose the crimes concerning illegal organ harvesting in China. We call on all people of conscience to lend their help to expose the facts of this vicious persecution of Falun Gong practitioners inside secret concentration camps, forced labour camps, prisons and hospitals in Mainland China. The sooner this atrocity is fully exposed, the sooner this brutal persecution will end. Below is information that came to light recently.

Investigation Lead: Jiangsu Province People's Hospital Took Risks Performing Liver Transplant for a 71 Year-Old

On November 29th, 2004, Nanjing "Xian Dai Kuai Bao" (Modern Express) reported that Jiangsu Province People's Hospital performed a liver transplant on Li Shulan, a 71 year old liver cancer patient. The head surgeon was Zhang Feng, deputy director of the liver transplant centre. The article did not provide information on the source of the liver.

According to the report, The condition of Li Shulan was still satisfactory ten days after the operation. There is no earlier history of a liver transplant on someone at such an advanced age and in such poor health. The source of the liver is unknown. We cannot stop mulling over Zhang Feng's purpose for performing such an operation. Was this to make Zhang Feng's record look good? Were they using Li Shulan as a test case?

Please investigate this transplant and the source of the liver.

Investigation Lead: Whose Healthy Lungs Were Transplanted?

Wuhan "Chu Tian Du Shi Bao" published an article on November 30 titled "Tongji Succeeded in Single Lung Transplant." The article claimed that on November 7th, under the direction of Qiu Fazu, an Academia Sinica academician, staff at the Tongji Hospital Organ Transplant Institute performed a four-hour operation, replacing the damaged right lung of patient Wu Chunfang, 37, with a healthy lung.

In a related link of the report, we read of the difficulties found during lung transplants. China stopped lung transplants in 1993, 14 years after it had begun performing such surgeries. Since 2002, there have been new developments in the area of lung transplants in China. In 2005, nine hospitals performed a total of 47 lung transplants in China, according to statistics of the Chinese Medical Association Organ Transplant Division.

According to the report, many lung transplants were performed again in 2002. 2002 was one of the worst years in the persecution of Falun Gong. Evidence indicates that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities used organs from live Falun Gong practitioners for testing and organ trade.

Investigation Lead: Skin Grafting May be Related to Live Organ Harvesting

In Jialu Village, Qidashan Dajia Town, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, a factory boiler exploded one evening. One of the two workers died, and another, with the last name of Liu, had burns over 1000f his body -- 95% third degree burns. He was taken to the traumatology department of the Anshan Tiexi Hospital.

The following day, Tiexi Hospital and the patient's family obtained three human legs for skin grafting. Unfortunately, the patient still died six days later. The question is: skin grafting needs a matching blood type. Where did Tiexi Hospital get three matching human legs so quickly? We suspect it is related to the organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners.

Investigation Lead: China Medical University Shenjing Hospital Performed Heart Transplant in Record Time

Shenyang City's "Shi Dai Shang Bao" published an article November 22nd, 2006, titled "Kindhearted Brother Gave a Good Heart." According to the article, a taxi driver who suffered expansion heart sympathy went to China Medical University Shenjing Hospital (originally Shenyang Medical University Second Hospital) in October and the hospital decided to perform a heart transplant on November 10th.

The hospital found a suitable "donor" within one month. We doubt that there was a legal source for the organ. The reporter of the article is Zhang Jiaji. Photographed by Zheng Leilei. Editors are Hu Xiaonong and Zhang Ximei.

Investigation Lead: Chengdu City Navel Blood Stem Cell Centre Provides Organ Matching Service For Military Hospital

From a reliable source in Chengdu, all organs used in organ transplants in Sichuan military hospitals are provided by the Chengdu City Navel Blood Stem Cell Centre. Operations are performed in military hospitals. Hospitals bring in patients for organ matching.

Chengdu City Navel Blood Stem Cell Centre is located at Hehuachi, Chengdu City.
Address: No. 73, Beizhanding 1st Road

The sign on the gate says: (China Xiehe Medical University China Medical Association) Blood Transfusion Institute

Inside there is another sign: Sichuan Province Navel Blood Stem Cell Bank

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