Seventy-Four-Year-Old Practitioner from Sichuan Province Sent to Brainwashing Three Times

I am a 74-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from Liangshan Area in Sichuan Province. Since the persecution began on July 20th, 1999, the local police have arrested and detained me any time they wanted and brutally abused and persecuted me while I was held in detention.

The first time I was tortured was on January 13th, 2000. Officers from the Xicheng Police Station dragged me to a brainwashing centre and held me there for four-and-a half months. The police officers cruelly tortured me.

Particularly during the more than three months I was held at the Mapingba Brainwashing Centre, three police officers, named Zhou Xing, Hu Zhongjun and Li Yuxu, dragged me and other practitioners outside every couple of days and forced us to stand in the sweltering heat. Determined Dafa practitioners were savagely beaten and kicked. One day when they were "baking" us again, the police barbarically beat practitioner He Bingjie. Two officers held him up and threw him back on the ground while they beat and kicked him, as if they were kicking a ball. I felt terrible watching them. I thought, "I’m an old woman, it does not matter what they do to me." I shouted, "The police should not be allowed to beat people!"

The two officers turned around, grabbed my hair and started to beat and kick me. My arms turned black and blue and swelled from the beating. They subsequently handcuffed me to the monkey bar. I was forced to stay under the scorching sun for several hours. They beat me every few days and "baked" me, as well as verbally insulted me. I almost lost consciousness from dehydration. The police were vicious and completely devoid of human nature.

I confronted them by saying, "You said you would treat us like doctors treating patients, or teachers treating their students, at the brainwashing class. So why are you beating us, verbally abusing us and ‘baking’ us at your whim?"

The next round of torture took place on January 16th, 2003, after I had been released. I went with a few other people to a tailor shop to pick up my clothes. Within five minutes, officers from the Dongcheng Police Station arrived and dragged us to the police station. They left us in the front yard. We were cold and hungry by the time we were let out at around 9:00 p.m. The police said, "We’ve caught a den of Falun Gong." They made us submit to being photographed. When it was my turn I struggled as much as I could and refused to cooperate. Two officers pushed my arms behind my back and held me up. I lowered my head as much as possible, almost touching the ground, so they could not get a picture of my face.

Police officer Wang Yongrong also verbally abused me. Ten days later I was sent to a brainwashing centre for the third time and was held for 41 days.

I am an old woman in my 70s now, yet they had no scruples about arresting and persecuting me.

Where is justice? Why is it that the Chinese Communist Party does not let people just be good people?

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