The Miserable Experience of Three-Year-Old Tianxing

Editor's note: Little Tianxing is only three years old, but has been through miseries that even adults could not bear. The article below is written by some friends of Tianxing's parents from Little Tianxing's point of view.

My name is Tianxing Wang. I'm three years old. It's been a long time since I last saw mummy. They told me that my mummy left on "June 1st, Children's Day" and went to "a place which is far far away." I miss her very much. My daddy hasn't come to see me for a very long time either. When can they come to see me and play with me again?

When I was still inside my mummy's womb, my mummy and daddy were forced to move here and there because they practised Falun Dafa. But the police did not allow them to practise and searched everywhere for them, trying to kidnap them. Mummy and daddy and the ladies who practise Falun Gong in the neighbourhood nearby are all very nice people. Why did the police want to kidnap them? Aren't the police supposed to arrest bad guys? I don't understand. At that time my parents lived a very miserable life. They even couldn't have regular meals every day. They were forced to change jobs and homes in order to live. My mummy worried about me and was afraid that I might be born malnourished, so she would buy two pork bones to make soup. Every time when she went to buy the bones, she tried her best to say good things to the butcher, because the butcher thought two bones were too little to sell.

After a very long and painful time, I was born. Because my mummy and daddy did not have a stable life, and because my mummy never had any good food to eat, I didn't grow very well when I was in my mum's womb. I was born weak. My mummy and daddy did not know how to take care of me, but dared not to ask for help from my grandma and aunt. They said that police were waiting at my aunt's doorway in order to kidnap them. Sometimes some ladies helped my mummy to take care of me. They washed me and changed me with new clothes. The strange thing is that the ladies who took care of me were never the same. After a period time, a different woman would care for me. There was a very good-looking lady who never came back again only after a few days with us. My mummy said she was kidnapped by the police. The police beat her brutally and put her into the prison.

While growing up, I became most afraid of the telephone ringing or knocking at the doors. Every time my mummy and daddy heard the telephone ringing or someone knocking at our door, they would become very nervous. Sometimes, my daddy would ask mommy to pack things and move hurriedly after he answered a phone call, as if a big wolf was going to break into our house. Especially during the SARS epidemic, the police and the residents' committee searched every family to check for a certain pass. A few times someone knocked at our doors violently. My mummy held me tightly, daring not to make a sound. I was so scared, and ever since then never dared to ask to go outside to play. My mummy, daddy, and I always stayed home. Sometimes, even when we didn't have good stuff to eat, we dared not to go out to buy anything. We were afraid to meet those guys who checked the passes. My daddy does not have a pass and hasn't come back home for long time. Later, there were more and more checks within our area. My mummy would carry me and leave home quietly in the early morning and roam around, staying at one aunt's house for two days, and another grandma's place for another two days. Sometimes we changed places to stay overnight almost every day.

SARS was finally over. I could go out and play again. My mummy had nobody else to help her in taking care of me. Mummy needed to do all the things by herself. She was very tired. At that time I was too little. I depended on mommy for all things. Whenever I had any problems, the only thing I could do was to cry. I didn't know how to speak then. Mummy kept working every day and did not have enough time to practise the exercises. Later, the lady who came to help us was arrested by the police. Mummy was very sad. The police always came to knock at our door, too. Sometimes when mummy took me out to play, we were followed by the police. Perhaps mummy didn't want me to live a miserable life with her, she later sent me to my aunt.

Finally I have a place to stay overnight and no need to change places any more. At my aunt's place, I have my aunt, grandma and brother. My uncle-in-law died already by persecution because he practised Falun Gong. Both my aunt and my uncle-in-law had been kidnapped by the police and beaten. Their house was ransacked by the police many times.

My brother's life was even more miserable than mine. When brother was only 10 years old, both my aunt and uncle-in-law were kidnapped. Only my brother was left at home. He did not even know how to cook. When he was ill, there was nobody to take care of him. He roamed around for quite a long time. Later, my aunt finally came back home. The police still came to her house and harassed her. Sometimes they wanted to arrest my aunt. My brother is very smart. Whenever someone knocks at the door, he will first look through the little hole in the door. If it is a stranger, he will not open the door. But I was not that smart. I'm still very scared. Whenever I hear the telephone ringing or someone knocking at the door, I will run to my grandma and ask her to hug me tightly.

One day my aunt came back home with mummy, holding her hands. I was very happy! But it seemed that mummy couldn't recognise me, neither could she recognise other people. She took everyone as police and always shouted, "What do you want to do? I will not tell you my name..." Grandma cried. My aunt worried. Later a vehicle with the number "120" on it came. Mummy and my aunt took the vehicle and left. I knew something was wrong and waited quietly at home with grandma. Some time later, my aunt called home. Grandma and grandpa cried. A few days later, a lady took me to a building. I didn't understand why mommy's picture was on the TV. Many people in the room were crying. They were all wearing a little white flower on their chest. My aunt was among them. But my aunt did not bring me inside the room. She only put a little white flower on my chest, too. (In China, people wear white paper-flowers during funerals.)

From then on, I never saw mummy again. When adults talk about mummy, they will stop when they see me. I miss mummy very very much! I want to tell her: I am grown up now. I am a good boy and will never bring trouble to her. Please take me back home!

My aunt is busy working every day. Because she always goes to other places for business trips, grandma and grandpa moved in with us so that they can take care of me and my brother. Grandpa always looks sad. Later, grandpa's health became worse and worse. My aunt took him to a hospital for medical treatment. He never came back. Right now, only my aunt, grandma, brother and me are living in that house. My aunt and grandma always buy me good stuff to eat. My brother always gives me all the good stuff, too. Sometimes when my aunt is on a business trip, other aunts or another Grandma will bring me out to play. They are all very nice to me. But I'm still missing my mummy and daddy. I want to go back to my own home.

I don't know when I can see my mummy and daddy. In the daycare centre, other kids have their parents pick them up at the end of the day, but I don't. In the daycare centre, the songs the teacher taught us go, "Little Babies Be Good, Mummy Will Take You Home." I change it to "Little Baby Be Good, Grandma will take you home." I will be good and wait from my mommy and daddy to come back home soon!


Tianxing Wang was born on July 31st, 2002. Even before he was born, he had a roaming life with his parents. When he was one year and 10 months old, he lost his mother. He cannot even remember his mother's face. Little Tianxing has grown up and can utter lots of words. Sometimes he will say, "Mummy is crying," "Mummy went to the hospital," "Daddy goes to work" etc. Sometimes he will wake up right from his dream, crying "I miss Mummy" or "I want Daddy." Maybe he was having nightmares. When other little kids call for mummy, he will call mummy, too. When he tumbles, he will cry for mummy. Sometimes he recognises his mummy's clothing and will hold it in his arms without letting go. At this time, people around him often burst into tears. The police still come to harass people, knocking at doors, searching and kidnapping. All the bad things the police did deeply hurt Little Tianxing's heart. Whenever there is a sound, especially a knocking on the door, he will cry, "I'm afraid!"

Little Tianxing is now three years old. He still asks for his mummy. He puts on clothes by himself. He washes his own hands and walks by himself, trying not to bother his grandma and his aunt.

Little Tianxing's mother, Xiaomin Feng, was born in 1970. She began to practise Falun Gong in 1996. In May 2001, Xiaomin Feng was arrested by police from the police station of Donghua Road, Shijiazhuang City, because she had "Falun Dafa is good" stickers with her. Inspector Shi and policeman Zhiyong Fang of Donghua Road Police Station tortured her. Xiaomin lost consciousness several times and had to be sent for emergency rescue. Inspector Shi ordered Zhiyong Fang to tear off from Xiaomin Feng's medical records a page on which the doctor wrote "very dangerous condition." She was sent to the No. 1 Detention Centre of Shijiazhuang. There, Xiaoming Feng went on a hunger strike for more than 20 days and became extremely weak. Several times, she nearly lost her life. Because of this, she was finally released. In order to avoid persecution, Xiaomin Feng and her husband left home and could only roam here and there.

In the second half of May 2004, when Xiaomin Feng returned to her sister's home, she had already lost her sanity. She died five days after she was sent to the hospital for emergency rescue. She was diagnosed with encephalitis with suppuration. Doctors suspected that her head was hit by something. Relatives also suspected that Xiaomin was beaten by the police. When her relatives finally saw Xiaomin, she couldn't recognise anybody and mistook everybody for the police. She always yelled, asking the police not to approach and persecute her. On June 1st, 2004, Xiaomin Feng died at the age of 34.

Xiaofeng Wang, Little Tianxing's father, was 34 years old and used to work in the Hebei Glucose Factory. Later he was transferred to the Hebei Shengxue Kanghua Medicine Company Ltd. Because he worked very hard, Xiaofeng's work was highly appreciated by the leaders of the company. However, starting from July 20th, 1999, because Jiang Zemin's regime forced all of Chinese society to participate in persecuting Falun Gong, the police always harassed him. Xiaofeng didn't want to bring trouble to his company and quit his job. He tried to find another one. The leaders of the company thanked him for his contribution to the company, giving him salary for one more month after he left. They also said that they would sponsor him to start his own business, which he refused.

Before practising Falun Gong, Xiaofeng Wang was a very bad-tempered person. He always caused trouble by fighting and playing evil jokes at school. His family, classmates and friends dared not to come close to him. But cultivation opened his heart. He began to treat other people kindly, and worked and studied hard. He changed into a very good young man. Later, he worked in a few different companies. No matter where he worked, his superiors and colleagues thought highly of him. However, Jiang's regime persecutes Dafa practitioners, especially those who cannot go back home. Jiang's regime monitored Xiaofeng's family, checked people coming from other cities (Dafa practitioners coming from other places do no have ID cards) and went to his home, harassing his family. Because of this, Xiaofeng had to move around and change jobs very frequently. His wife, who had just given birth, and his new-born son had to roam with him everywhere. Their life was very poor. When he heard that his wife was in the hospital for emergency rescue, he ran to the hospital to take care of her. But Xiaomin had already lost consciousness.

With tears in his eyes, Xiaofeng said goodbye to his young wife and his son who was only one year old then, not knowing when they would meet again. Both Xiaofeng and his wife Xiaomin Feng are on the "black list" held by the 610 Office1 in the police station of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province and have been chased incessantly by the police. Xiaofeng Wang couldn't take care of his little son. He cannot even guarantee his own safety. This account is more evidence of the state-controlled terrorism under Jiang's regime.

Little Tianxing's grandpa died in despondence, anger and terror after being harassed by the police several times and losing his daughter and son-in-law.

Xiaomei Feng, little Tianxing's aunt, is 41 years old. She and her husband Hongbin Wang were classmates when they studied at a university. They also used to work together in the Hebei Telephone Equipment Factory. Ever since the persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20th, 1999, within a very short time, the Wang family continuously suffered a series of unfortunate events. Their house has been ransacked five times. Both Hongbin Wang and his wife were kidnapped six times. First, the family was separated, then they were forced to leave their house; finally one of them died, leaving behind a broken family.

Hongbin Wang, little Tianxing's uncle-in-law, used to work as an engineer at the Hebei Telephone Equipment Factory. He began to practise Falun Gong in 1994. On the early morning of July 20th, 1999, Hongbin Wang and his wife were kidnapped from their home by the police from the Shijiazhuang police station. His son, who was still a primary school student, was left at home alone. Hongbin Wang was detained at the detention centre for three months and released in October 1999. In 2000, Hongbin Wang and his wife lost their jobs under pressure from their work place. The family had no source of income from then on. On December 5th, 2000, Hongbin Wang's house was ransacked by the 610 Office and the branch office of the Chuang'an Police Station in Shijiazhuang City. Hongbin Wang was again kidnapped and tortured. He was then sentenced to two years in prison and detained at the No. 2 Brigade of Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp. At the labour camp, Hongbin Wang went through extreme torture and damage to both his body and spirit, which was very painful. Later, he couldn't ingest any food because of problems in his stomach. He was sent to the hospital for medical examination.

In November 2002, Hongbin Wang was released. He was home but his body was very weak due to torture. He sweated quite a lot and coughed severely. He couldn't sleep night after night and his health condition became worse and worse. On October 9th, 2003, he died at the age of 39.

Boru Wang, little Tianxing's cousin, Hongbin Wang's son, is 16 years old. His parents were kidnapped when he was 10 years old. Two years later, his father was sentenced to forced labour. At the same time, his mother was forced to leave home with no one knowing her whereabouts. One month later, his mother showed up near death. Then Boru's father died. Later, both his aunt and grandpa also died. Boru lives with the fear that one day when he wakes up, he will lose his mummy, too. Xiaomei Feng said that during the night if there is any sound, Boru will wake up and dare not to go back to sleep again. He can only fall sleep again when he clutches his mummy's arm tightly. He has made up his mind: if the police come to arrest his mummy, then he will go with his mummy.


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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