Dead from Torture-Inflicted Wounds: Practitioner Hao Yingqiang from Jilin Province

Hao Yingqiang passed away on June 8th, 2006 after long-term torture. Mr. Hao Yingqiang, 49, used to be the security section chief of Yanji City Food Depot in Jilin Province. After the persecution started in July 1999, he was brutally persecuted by the local police.

At noon on January 9th, 2001, Hao Yingqiang was arrested by Xiao Bin, Jin Yongyi and Cui from Yanji City Police Department. After being detained for three months, he was sentenced to one year of forced labour. His family members went to relevant departments every day to request his release, but to no avail. In the end, the Yanji City Labour Education Bureau and Police Department extorted over 20,000 yuan1 from his family members before finally releasing him.

In 2001, Hao Yingqiang was fired from his job for practising Falun Gong. He had to make a living by picking up rubbish for others.

On September 2nd, 2001, Hao Yingqiang was reported while distributing leaflets exposing the persecution and telling people the truth about Falun Dafa. As a result, he was arrested and taken to the Chaoyangchuan Town Police Station, where the police looted over 400 yuan of cash, a wristwatch, and other belongings Hao had with him. He was also brutally beaten by five to six policemen.

While in detention, Yanjin City 610 Office2 director Ling Jinglin led Chen Moulong and Meng from the police department, as well as the detention centre police, to torture Hao Yingqiang. Hao had been vomiting blood due to previous torture he suffered, yet they pulled his arms behind his back with much force and then hung him up by his wrists. Then they savagely beat his head, chest and back with a bench. As a result, Hao's whole body was covered with blood and wounds.

They shocked him with electric batons. Dozens of policemen were divided into groups of three people. Each group took turns torturing him. They did not allow him sleep, water, food, or use of the toilet. After fours days and nights of continuous torture, Hao was transferred to Yanji Detention Centre.

After being jailed in Yanji Detention Centre for over eight months, in May 2002, Hao was sentenced to eight years in prison by Yanji Court director Li Zhe, judge Fei Yunlong, Li Qingshi, clerk Xu Jiajing and prosecutor Li Jichang.

Hao was sent to Jilin Prison afterwards. There, prison policeman Meng Haijun instigated inmates Wang Hongmin (from Yanji City) and Guo Honggang (from Jilin City) to torture Hao nonstop. He was under their monitoring 24 hours a day. Abuse and beating were common practise every day. Once Hao did not greet these monitoring inmates on his way to the toilet; consequently Wang Hongmin, Wang Longhe and others used benches and planks to hit his head, ribs, and waist. As a result, a bone on the left side of Hao's face was fractured, and the severe injury to his lower back left a big hole there.

Due to the long-term torture, by April 2003, Hao Yingqiang was already beyond recognition. His 178 lb. weight had dropped to only 89 lbs. His abdomen was severely swollen. Two hospitals diagnosed that he was in late stage of liver cirrhosis and liver ascites and that he could live no more than three months. Only until then did the prison release him on medical parole.

At the time of his release, Hao Yingqiang had already lost all his ability to work. Without a source of income, how to survive became a huge problem for him. Even so, the local police still often went to his home to harass him, or ransack his home. They took away his tape recordings, cassettes, and Dafa books. Even a gift knife from his friend was taken away.

In February 2005, Hao Yingqiang exposed the torture he suffered on Minghui/ Because of this, he was arrested again around March 10th, 2005 while going to visit his detained wife, Yang Mingfang, in the Heizuizi Labour Camp. The people responsible for this were 610 Office director Ling Jinglin and local police.

Several months later, Xiao Bin, who had attempted many times to send Hao to prison, wrote to Jilin Prison, saying "Hao Yingqiang has turned Yanji upside down and he should be jailed again."

In September 2005, Hao once again was in grave danger in Jilin Prison due to torture. The prison planned to release him again on medical parole. However, Xiao Bin went to the prison saying local police did not want to take Hao back. Under pressure from Xiao Bin, three local police stations did not dare to sign the release document. As a result, the prison wasn't able to release him on medical parole.

Hao then went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Twenty-eight days later, on December 20th, 2005, the prison informed his family of his grave situation. With the support of two people, Hao had a meeting with his family who came to visit him.

Hao Yingqiang was the most severely tortured practitioner in Jilin Prison. He had to be carried wherever he went. The hospital said he could only live two more months. Due to Xiao Bin's pressure, the prison did not dare to release him earlier. By April 30th, 2006, Hao was dying. Not wanting to take any responsibility, the prison released him despite Xiao Bin's pressure.

After taking him home, his family found there was a bone exposed in the big hole left on his lower back. There was a lot of fluid in his lungs, causing him great difficulty in breathing. His fingernails were blue and bruised. He had no hearing in his right ear. He passed bloody stools. His whole body was swollen, and he couldn't turn in bed. He was in extreme pain. On June 8th, 2006, he passed away.

His 81-year-old mother was stricken with immeasurable sorrow, and cried constantly.

Parties involved in the persecution and death of Hao Yingqiang:

Jilin Prison, Yanji City 610 Office, Yanji City Police Department, Chaoyang Police Station, Longjing Police Office, Chaoyangchuan Police Station

Liu Wei: Yanji City 610 Office Director, 86-433-2992610 (Mobile)

Liu Wenzhong: Yanji City 610 Office Deputy Director, 86-433-2517615, 86-433-2505900 (Home), 86-13904485385 (Mobile)

Ling Jinglin: Yanji City 610 Office Director, 86-433-2510092, 86-433-2655998 (Home), 86-433-2970555, 86-13069238777 (Mobile)

Jin Zhezhu: Longjing City Detention Centre Director, 86-433-3283029 (Office)


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

2. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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