UK Parliament holds seminar to discuss the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China

UK Member of Parliament, Dr Stephen Ladyman, chaired a session organised by the European Friends of Falun Gong at the Houses of Parliament in the UK on Wednesday, 27 February 2002.

The Chinese Ambassador tried to persuade Dr Ladyman to cancel the seminar on the day before but Dr Ladyman refused. The Ambassador then asked Dr Ladyman if he could participate in the seminar and, again, Dr Ladyman refused because he knew that the Chinese Ambassador would try to disrupt the proceedings. On the day of the seminar a representative of the Chinese State media tried to participate in the seminar but was removed from the building by the British police.

The seminar was well-attended by around 30 people including MPs, Lords and other officials and several members of the public. Several members of the All-China parliamentary group also attended. Three MPs, three Lords, a member of the Greater London Assembly and representatives of the European Friends of Falun Gong and the European Falun Dafa Association made statements. All of the speakers spoke of the need to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China and to allow people in China to have the same freedoms of belief that the UK people enjoy.

The meeting agreed on a number of important actions that will be taken over the next few weeks by the UK MPs.

UK practitioners

28 February 2002

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