Germany: Exposing the Organ Harvesting in the Chinese Communist Party's Concentration Camps

Nine Falun Gong practitioners stood holding banners that said, “36 Concentration Camps in China. A Dirty Business with Organs from Falun Gong Practitioners,” on the Saturday before Easter in Hanover’s downtown. They were there to inform the public about the inhuman persecution of their fellow practitioners in China.

At this time, the main objective was to inform the public of the existence of 36 concentration camps in China, where organs are harvested from live Falun Gong practitioners and sold for profit. The practitioners distributed 3,000 flyers. Many people were visiting downtown Hanover that day. They wanted to hear details and they expressed their sympathy when viewing the pictures and photos of the persecution.

This event was just before the Hanover Industrial Fair. For years, many visitors have come from China for this event. Also there are many Chinese students studying at the Technological University and a nearby high school.

A young Chinese man, around twenty years old, passed by with his English girlfriend. He questioned the practitioners critically and it was obvious that e had heard a lot of communist propaganda. But, he attentively listened to what the practitioner had to say and was very willing to accept The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

Another Chinese person who approached us asked for the location of the nearest Falun Gong practice site where he can learn the exercises for free. He used to practise but had stopped when the persecution began in China in 1999. He left his contact details.

A Chinese lady, who has lived for years in Japan, and who reads regularly reports on the human rights and other problems that are happening due to the Chinese Communist Party, said that she is well aware of what is going on. She expressed her sympathy and said that she hopes for an early end to the persecution.

Another Chinese lady stopped by. She had heard about the illegal persecution in China. She held the opinion that the Communist Party holds too much power and that we were way out of our league. She asked us, showing great anxiety, if she really was allowed to talk to us and if we were monitored. She told us that she knows about “The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” but has not really read them. At the end of our discussion she took the newspaper, wished us all the best and promised to read the Nine Commentaries carefully. She also promised to consider quitting the Chinese Communist Party.

During the event we saw clearly that nearly all people recognised the unjustness of the persecution that was perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party. Many asked, “What can we do to help?” They expressed their disgust at the CCP crimes and signed our petition, through which they showed their disapproval of the persecution.

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