Organ Harvesting An "Open Secret" in Wuhan City

(1) Clue for Further Investigation: Organ Harvesting An "Open Secret" in Wuhan City, Hubei Province

- After the organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in concentration camps was exposed, Wuhan Tongji Hospital enacted stricter rules for visiting patients. No one would be allowed to visit patients without a permit. On the afternoon of May 1st, three court police cars arrived at Tongji Hospital, with armed soldiers guarding one car.

- Disclosed by a staff member working in a Wuhan district court: During the Chinese New Year, one police station received a crime report: 12 young bodies wrapped in bags were found under a bridge in Hanko City. All the bodies were cut open from their throats to lower abdomen and their intestines were missing. This person expressed, "Those incisions were done by professionals. It's really too cruel to witness." However, the police and the media kept extremely quiet on this crime.

- A relative of a lady who works at the surgery department as a surgeon of Wuhan Tongji Hospital talked about the horrible act at Sujiatun, "This is an open secret; the court delivers all the organs we use."
A doctor at Wuhan Hospital of Steel Plant revealed: One of his patients had a kidney transplant done at Wuhan Army General Hospital. It took only a week to find a matching kidney, which cost him 6,000 yuan. The doctor said, "That hospital has performed many kidney transplants. When I was there as a resident doctor, around 10-20 kidney transplants were performed. It normally took a short time to prepare for a surgery."

(2) Hubei Wuhan Female Prison performed blood tests on over a hundred Falun Gong practitioners in 2002

At Hubei Wuhan Female Prison in 2002, over a hundred Falun Gong practitioners were forced to have a physical examination. Each one of them was forced to take a blood test.

(3) Clue for further investigation: Evidence of existence of concentration camps from my experience at Shanghai Female Labour Camp

In 2001, I was persecuted and unlawfully sentenced to serve at the Shanghai Female Forced Labour Camp where I persisted in practising under all kinds of persecution.

Once, a drug addict who was assigned to monitor me threatened me viciously, "You will be sent to Xinjiang if you still do not give up practising." I felt strange because I was already a prisoner in a Labour Camp. What is the purpose sending me to Xinjiang? What made the difference between being persecuted at Shanghai Labour Camp and being sent to Xinjiang?

After the news of the organ harvesting among Falun Gong practitioners was exposed, my memories began to alert me that those words were out of some evil plans. During that time, the concentration camps designed to persecute Falun Gong practitioners were already built. Those people might have heard about it and used it as a threat.

I wrote down this experience to provide some clues for disclosing the evil persecution. Let's stop further persecution together.

(4) Clue for further investigation: In 2002, a new prison was built specifically to persecute Falun Gong practitioners in Tumen City

While detained at Masanjia Labour Camp, a Falun Gong practitioner heard that in 2002, a new prison was built specifically to persecute Falun Gong practitioners in Tumen City, Jilin Province.

(5) Clue for further investigation: A concentration camp in a desert?

A news source claims: Falun Gong practitioners are sent to a desert location for forced labour. All the other prisoners there have lifetime sentences. The policemen authorise these prisoners to manage the work assignments because even they do not want to go there. The source shows that Falun Gong practitioners need to carry heavy loads of stones every day. Many die from extreme fatigue or hunger.

People who want to escape from their need to walk for over a week making it extremely difficult to escape.

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