Radio France Internationale (RFI): The World Health Organisation Conducts an Investigation into the Accusation that Falun Gong Practitioners' Organs were Removed While they were Still Alive

"People and society," a Chinese programme by Radio France International broadcast to China, in the evening of the 23rd of April, broadcast the interview with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Clinical Procedure Coordinator Mr. Noel. He discussed the organ transplant issue in China. The following are the excerpts:

Reporter: In the last episode of "People and Society" we introduced the issue of overseas media's reports about China selling the organs of prisoners on the death roll. We also asked a Chinese reporter under the pseudonym of Jin Zhong to talk about his investigation of the traditional and western Chinese thrombus hospital in Sujiatun, Shenyang. We contacted the World Health Organisation many times and hoped to understand its view about China’s organ transplant situation. However, Mr. Noel, who is in charge of the work of organ transplants, could not accept the interview with us because he was on a business trip. In today's episode, we will broadcast an interview with WHO Clinical Procedure Coordinator Mr. Noel.

Reporter: According to Le Figaro, WHO said that foreigners can go to China to buy organs, especially from those who are on the death roll? Can you confirm the statement?

Noel: Everybody knew that. Everybody can see from the website of the agents on the internet. Those websites indeed regarded organ transplant in China as an attraction. This is why the people say “organ transplant tourism”.

Reporter: Some situations are not clear yet. While China's Vice-minister of Public Health Huang Jiehfu admitted that 90% of the organs came from prisoners on the death roll, the spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health Mr. Mao claimed that using the organs of prisoners on the death roll was a particular phenomenon. How do you think?

Reporter: Falun Gong which is forbidden by the CCP made the accusation that thousands of Falun Gong practitioners were detained in China and their organs were removed. A lot of them were still alive when their organs were taken out. Does the World Health Organisation plan to conduct an investigation into the charge? Or it will request Beijing to investigate?

Noel: The accusation was very serious, verification was in progress.

Reporter: Was the verification by the World Health Organisation?

Noel: Including the verification by the WHO.

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