Germany: The People of Neunkirchen Condemn the Cruelties of the CCP’s Concentration Camps

On Saturday, April 15th 2006, Falun Gong practitioners informed the people of Neunkirchen about the crimes against humanity committed by the Communist Party in China. They gathered on Stummplatz Square right next to a busy pedestrian shopping area, to tell passersby about the secret concentration camps, the shocking organ removals and for-profit organ trade which is being conducted in China.

According to witnesses, there are still thousands of incarcerated Falun Gong practitioners whose life is in immediate danger because they are selected to have their organs taken for profit. In general, their corpses are later cremated in order to destroy all the evidence. During the last few weeks, in many of the largest hospitals in China, doctors have been working under great pressure and around the clock doing organ transplants because the Chinese communist regime wants to get rid of all the evidence as quickly as possible.

Many people patiently listened to the practitioners’ explanations. They signed a petition asking the federal government to conduct an investigation into conditions within Chinese labour and concentration camps as soon as possible, in order to stop the murder and torture and to call for the immediate release of all Falun Gong detainees.

One elderly gentleman who had previously accepted a leaflet, returned to say, “I have already read through everything. It is just unbelievable that these types of things are still happening today. I didn’t know anything about it because the newspapers are not reporting it. I wish you much success!” One older lady was shocked when she heard about organs harvested from live practitioners and said: “This is just too terrible, and I hope it will stop soon.”

The owner of a tea shop within the shopping centre came to the information booth and said, “I have long been looking for the meaning of life but when I received a copy of Zhuan Falun [the main text of Falun Dafa], all of my questions were answered.” He took two large stacks of flyers and said, “I will give one to each of my customers with their purchases.”

When a practitioner handed a flyer to another gentleman, he said, “Soon I will be going to China on business. We are manufacturing instruments for organ transplantations.” He was shocked to hear how the instruments are being used and asked for several flyers in order to distribute them.

All in all, the activity was concluded successfully. Many flyers were distributed and many signatures were collected and many people learned about the horrifying events in China.

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