My Chinese Friends Shed Tears When They Heard About Sujiatun Concentration Camp

I recorded the organ removal horror story, the story about organs being removed from live Falun Gong practitioners inside the Sujiatun Concentration Camp, and sent it to my friends in Mainland China. Everyone was shocked and shed tears. One of my friends told me, "The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) are without doubt demons! They are evil monsters! It is the most dishonourable and cruel persecution that has ever occurred in the history of China. I sent the Sujiatun news to my Internet friends, too. Those evil persecutors will be cast down into hell!" Another friend told me, "Xiaohong, I received your file. I will let more people know this news. I will let them know the truth."

A friend confided in me about her marital problems. I consoled her and then had her listen to the news. She sent me back a picture of her tearful expression after she listened to that information. She told me, "I couldn't help crying after hearing this news. My suffering is too small in comparison to this."

I also sent the file to another friend who said, after listening to this information, "Why doesn't the CCP persecute other religions besides Falun Gong?" I told him that if he could get through the information blockade, it is not difficult to search for information about persecutions of other religions. They were exposed by the Mainland Committee. There were 1,222,000 religious practitioners tortured by the CCP since the "open-door" policy began. According to statistics from the "Committee Investigating Persecution of Religions in China," there were at least 2.7 million among more the sixty million Family Church Christians illegally arrested. Of these, 440,000 were sentenced to forced labour "re-education," and the authorities fined 1,120,000 at will. The Chinese media reported that there were at least ten or twenty thousand Falun Gong practitioners practising Falun Gong in the square in just one city. The environment was very peaceful. Unfortunately, Jiang's regime claimed it would eradicate Falun Gong within 3 months. However, during the 6 years of persecution, it has been proven that only firm cultivators can face this severe persecution peacefully, without violent protests. My friend agreed that time has proven my contention.

He asked again, "But why did those practitioners commit suicide?" I showed him the video of the Tiananmen Immolation Incident. There are so many weaknesses in the incident. We can discover the flaws by slowing the video with the help of high technology. I also told him that true Falun Gong practitioners could not commit suicide. I told him that the Falun Gong books explain that suicide is a grave sin.

My friend understood gradually and believed what I told him. Later, he told me he was a standing official's son and chairman of the student committee. I told him the importance and meaning of quitting the CCP. He definitely agreed. He said he would send me an announcement the next day and he needed to discuss the issue with his parents. I questioned him: "Of course, you should discuss it with your parents and you have the responsibility to tell them the importance of quitting CCP. But do you need to discuss it with others when you should be responsible for yourself?" He told me that someone was coming into the room. He said it was not convenient to talk to me and he would contact me the next day. I deeply hope that most people who live under this ruthless CCP regime can read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party1, which is a great antidote to the CCP's poison.

I advise anyone who participates in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, who directly or indirectly sends out hate literature to heads of state, and otherwise slanders Falun Gong, you will be punished by the heavenly principles and the law. Your only way out is to immediately stop committing crimes and make up for your past wrongdoings.

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