Chinese Communist Party's Desperate Scheme: Hebei Province Rape Victim Faces More Persecution

On November 21st, 2005, Manfred Nowak, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture visited China and conducted a 12-day investigation. He was the first UN torture investigator to visit China in the past 10 years. Due to the Communist Party's notorious record and deceptive human rights policies, overseas scholars expressed doubts whether Nowak would have access to the undisguised truth. Nowak went on an itinerary painstakingly designed and strictly monitored by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including the areas of Xinjiang Province and Tibet.

On the fourth day of Mr. Nowak's visit, He Xuejian, a "people's police officer," raped Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Liu Jizhi and Ms. Han Yuzhi in broad daylight, inside the police station in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, near Beijing. According to testimony from Ms. Liu Jizhi and other related evidence submitted to the World Organisation to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG), another police officer, Wang Zengjun, was present during the heinous crime, but did nothing to stop He Xuejian. He watched the rape while lying on a bed next to the one where the crime was taking place.

The details of this crime have been exposed, including the incident of CCP officials climbing over walls and breaking into residences at night. Further exposed were their threats, interrogations, corporal punishment, beating, extorting fines, and raping of another Falun Gong practitioner. After the rape happened, the CCP officials were trying their best to shield the rapist and posted a reward for the capture of the victims. Such abnormal actions remind people that this crime is not merely one committed by a rogue police officer but involves a complex background. The CCP became flustered when the rape incident caught worldwide attention.

When the case first came to light, the CCP reluctantly arrested He Xuejian on December 11th, 2005 and removed Liu Tieyin, head of the Zhuozhou City Police Department, from his post. The Communist regime also formed a "special case group" consisting of the head of the Baoding City Police Department. It appeared as if things were going in the right direction and justice was going to prevail. Strangely, though, the special case group neither conducted an investigation nor collected evidence; instead they stated they would "handle He Xuejian as a minor offender." They followed and threatened the victim's family and monitored all Falun Gong practitioners in Xituan Village, Dongchengfang Town, Zhuozhou City. They mobilised all police and security forces to patrol the area around the clock and posted a 100,000 yuan reward for the capture of each victim and the witnesses who are living in exile to avoid the further persecution!

Despite global condemnation, the CCP not only doesn't punish the guilty parties, but is instead persecuting the victims, even posting a huge reward. What is it trying to hide?

According to the WOIPFG, Song Xiaobin, head of the Political Legal Committee for Dongchengfang Town and also director of the Comprehensive Administration Office, and Chai Yuqiao, deputy director of the Comprehensive Administration Office, oversaw the entire arrest and interrogation of Falun Gong practitioners between November 24th and November 26th, and officials from the Dongchengfang Town Police Station and the Comprehensive Administration Office carried out the process.

On November 26th, after several Falun Gong practitioners had been illegally detained for two days, each were extorted 3,000 yuan before being released. On the same day, the Comprehensive Administration Office issued five receipts of 3000 yuan each for "Nanma Base Training Fee." The official stamp reads "Comprehensive Administration Office." The name of the officer who received the money is Wang Huiqi. Nanma Base is located in Nanma Village, Songlindian Town, Zhuozhou City and is the former location of the Nanma Township Government. It has been transformed into a brainwashing centre especially used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners from Zhuozhou City and Baoding City. Only the 610 Office1, which was established for the sole purpose of persecuting Falun Gong, has the authority to send Falun Gong practitioners to Nanma Base for so-called "training."

Receipts of illegal fines imposed on Liu Jizhi, Han Yuzhi and other Falun Gong practitioners by agents at the Dongchengfang Police Station in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province. The fines are issued in the name of "Nanma Base Training Fee."

In September of 2005, the CCP's "610 Office" launched large-scale arrests of Falun Gong practitioners throughout the country. Heads of "610 Offices" on various levels in Hebei Province followed the CCP's orders and started arranging for and carrying out persecution of Falun Gong practitioners within the province. They spared no efforts to pursue Falun Gong practitioners living in exile.

On November 11th, 2005, agents from the Hebei Province "610 Office," the Baoding City "610 Office" and from the Zhuozhou City "610 Office" held a meeting in Zhuozhou City to make arrangements for further persecution of Falun Gong. Two weeks later, Song Xiaobin, head of the Political Legal Committee for Dongchengfang Town and others started arresting Falun Gong practitioners in Dongchengfang Town; this was done in accordance with orders issued by the Hebei Province "610 Office." At the same time they ransacked private homes and stole money in the name of "610 Office" for their own benefit. The arrest of Falun Gong practitioners in Xituan Village including Liu Jizhi was only the beginning.

It was also decided at the "610 Office" meeting in Zhuozhou City that a special office to carry out the persecution of Falun Gong would be established at the Dongchengfang Town Police Station. Usually, this type of office is directly under the Zhuozhou City "610 Office." The addition of this office presented an excellent promotion opportunity for He Xuejian, Wang Zengjun and others at this small police station. Motivated by possible promotion, He Xuejian, Wang Zengjun, Xing, Li Xuepeng and others stopped at no evil to impress their superiors by extorting information from Falun Gong practitioners and establishing their "adequacy."

The insidious, murderous persecution is behind bringing out the worst in these roughnecks. It magnifies these morally bankrupt people's behaviour without restraint when the possibility of material interest and promotion is used as a lure.

Exposure of the rape incident placed the CCP under tremendous pressure. Letting the "people's policeman" He Xuejian go unpunished would not placate the waves of condemnation. If the CCP were to really punish He Xuejian, however, it would tear open the dark curtain that hides from view the systematic persecution that includes abduction, arrests, ransacking, beating, "fining" and brainwashing, which has been strictly blocked from view for nearly seven years. The spotlight of the international media would then brightly illuminate to the international scrutiny those who are behind this incident: Wang Zengjun, Song Xiaobin, Chai Yuqiao, and officials from Zhuozhou City "610 Office," the Baoding City "610 Office" and from the Hebei Province "610 Office." More crimes that occurred in the persecution of Falun Gong would be brought into the open.

After the rape case, more Falun Gong practitioners were arrested in Hebei Province. On February 24th, 2006, Baoding City Police Department held a meeting in Zhuozhou City, and the officials vowed to escalate the persecution in the Baoding area before He Xuejian's "trial." They said a large group of Falun Gong practitioners would be arrested and the officials must find the two rape victims. They declared they would "kill the living evidence so there is no way to verify the truth." They have already arranged for specialised personnel to take charge of this cover-up effort.

In order to create a façade of stability, the CCP again launched a nationwide arrest of Falun Gong practitioners before the two CCP's national meetings in March, as they tried to stifle the practitioners' voice in clarifying the truth. It was heard in early March that Liu Jizhi and her daughter who was taking care of her were abducted by officers from the Zhuozhou City "610 Office" and the National Security Division. Liu Jizhi is now in an abnormal mental state due to devastating trauma inflicted on her mind and body.

The CCP stopped at no evil to cover up the truth, destroy evidence, block information channels and it is still constantly churning out new lies, because it barely clings to life, doing so only as it continuously creates terror and incites hatred after its atrocities are continuously exposed.

The Hebei Province rape incident is but one of countless tragedies at the hands of the CCP and is part of the "610 Office" system's very large conspiracy to persecute Falun Gong. As long as this persecution machinery is still in operation, similar tragedies will continue to happen. Overseas commentators pointed out that this crime is not the result of one despicable individual, nor is it attributable to Communist regime corruption in a certain area, but the result of the CCP's acquiescence and encouragement, based on its genocidal policy against Falun Gong. It is a rape committed by the CCP system.

There is not yet a conclusion to the rape incident from the CCP regime, and rapist He Xuejian has not received punishment for his crime. Yet, the victim Liu Jizhi has been again abducted by CCP officials and has suffered a mental breakdown. For the CCP, publicising the top-secret fact about its persecution of Falun Gong, or submitting itself to an independent investigation equates to handing itself over to people to receive judgement. As the plotter and initiator of the persecution of Falun Gong, it is impossible for the CCP to uphold justice for the victims from an unbiased and just standpoint.

Ms. Liu Jizhi, the rape victim, courageously exposed the crime after suffering physically and mentally. Her courage is admirable. She made the choice to step forward within that brief period when she still had freedom. In the history of crimes committed by the CCP, many people have been disabled, gone insane or died from physical abuse and mental persecution; many more are still physically alive, yet spiritually dead. Now, the victim Liu Jizhi has fallen into the evil hands again. We strongly urge the international community to pay attention to the fate of this brave and respectable woman.

The CCP's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, followers of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, is evil challenging justice. The CCP will inevitably receive just punishment.

Hereby we want to solemnly warn all CCP officials and their followers who have participated in the persecution of Falun Gong: your crimes are recorded; your fanatic attempt at cover-up will be in vain as the end of the CCP draws near. All of your wicked acts will create debts you will never be able to repay; retribution is now. Please, listen to kind advice and don't tie your fate to that of the CCP. Don't destroy your own future in order to maintain this evil spectre. Quit the CCP and stop doing evil before it's too late, so you will have a promising future.


1. The 610 office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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