Australia: Practitioners in Sydney Protest Atrocity at Sujiatun, Expose Killing with Personal Experience

The Chinese Communist regime has established a secret concentration camp in Sujiatun, where Falun Gong practitioners have been locked up and killed for their organs. This atrocity was disclosed on Dafa websites on March 8th, 2006 and immediately alarmed and enraged people from all walks of life overseas. To protest such a barbarous crime, on March 14th, 2006, Falun Gong practitioners in Sydney, Australia held a press conference in front of the Chinese Consulate and staged a protest hunger strike to strongly condemn the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) outrageous atrocity and call upon the Australian government and international community to immediately investigate the situation and help stop the CCP's inhuman and heinous crimes.

The CCP's inhuman atrocity is intolerable by Heaven's law Falun Gong practitioners on protest hunger strike

Sydney Falun Dafa Association: Australian government should immediately investigate the situation and help stop the persecution

Mr. Deller from the Sydney Falun Dafa Association makes a speech at the press conference

John Deller, representing the Sydney Falun Dafa Association, spoke at the press conference. He pointed out that there are more than 2,840 innocent Falun Gong practitioners verified to have died as a result of the persecution, and many more practitioners have been arrested and then disappeared. Many relatives of Falun Gong practitioners who were tortured to death found that the organs of these practitioners' were stolen. Many dead practitioners' families were unable to see their loved ones' corpses but received only a box of ashes. The revelation of Sujiatun Concentration Camp verifies our worst fear, that the CCP authorities are still insisting on thoroughly "eradicating" Falun Gong. They employ any persecution means they can think of. The police and other perpetrators participating in the persecution have even been encouraged to kill practitioners and remove their organs for profit. The Falun Dafa Association strongly condemns the CCP's inhuman and outrageous atrocity and requests the Australian government and United Nations and other international organisations to immediately investigate the situation, further expose the CCP's crimes and help stop the persecution.

WOIFG: No perpetrator will go unpunished; the Sujiatun Camp will definitely be investigated

A representative from The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) said in his speech that the WOIPFG announced on March 10th that it was launching a thorough investigation of those suspected to be involved in the persecution and murder of practitioners at Sujiatun Concentration Camp. The announcement encourages all people with information to provide the names of all suspected organisations and individuals who have participated in killing Falun Gong practitioners at the concentration camp. To protect those who provide important evidence, WOIPFG will help them to leave China and obtain asylum status. To all those who have participated in the crimes, the announcement stated, "No matter where they try to hide, they will surely be brought to justice no matter how long it takes."

Li Baoqing: Hunger strike to protest CCP's genocidal persecution of Falun Gong

Former PhD tutor from the Chinese Academy of Science takes part in protest hunger strike

Former PhD tutor from the Chinese Academy of Science Mr. Li Baoqing made a statement that he was going to stage a hunger strike today to protest the CCP's outrageous atrocities committed at Sujiatun Concentration Camp. Li Baoqing was once illegally arrested, detained and taken to brainwashing classes to suffer mental torment simply because he practised Falun Gong. His wife Liu Jinghang was also illegally arrested by the police and disappeared for many days. Their family members and friends did not know their whereabouts and worried very much about their safety. Li Baoqing believed that the atrocities at Sujiatun Concentration Camp also reflect the CCP's last-ditch struggle before its imminent demise. Upon hearing the news of the situation at Sujiatun, Li Baoqing and several other Falun Gong practitioners decided to stage a hunger strike in front of the Chinese Consulate to protest the CCP's genocidal persecution of Falun Gong. They hope the world's people will show concern over the situation there, and help stop the barbarous and inhuman atrocities immediately.

Zeng Zheng: Threatened to be sent to the northeast to be detained without possible return

Ms. Zeng Zheng mentioned at the press conference that when she was illegally detained in China for practising Falun Gong, the police once told her that the purpose of detaining her was to "transform" her, and force her and other Falun Gong practitioners to give up their belief. The police also threatened her and said if she did not give up her belief, she would be sent to a place in the northeast to be detained, and it would never be possible for her to return home. Ms. Zeng expressed that her personal experience made her believe that the revelation of Sujiatun Concentration Camp is true, and she was also saddened that some people are in doubt about the authenticity of such a brutal persecution.

Former surgeon Yuan Hong from Shenyang City: Trade of organ transplants truly exists

Former surgeon Yuan Hong from Shenyang City

Former surgeon Yuan Hong from the No.1 Hospital affiliated with the Shenyang Chinese Medical University made a speech and gave evidence, with his own personal experience, that the trade of organ transplants in Shenyang and other places truly exists. Yuan Hong expressed that as he knew, organs harvested from death penalty criminals for organ transplants include hearts, lungs, kidneys, livers and other organs. The on-site organ transplant operations were approved by the authorities in advance, and were performed in cooperation with prisons and police. The criminals for organ transplants were not completely dead at the time of the harvest. Afterwards, the bodies of the criminals would be directly cremated and the ashes boxes would be given to their families. As a doctor who had been working in a hospital in Shenyang for ten years, Yuan Hong believes that the recent revelation of Sujiatun Concentration Camp, where nearly 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been locked up and where doctors there harvest their organs, is true. He thought that people have taken for granted such things under the rule of the CCP, and that people in China do not think that such acts are illegal and a violation of human rights.

Zhang Cuiying: Nephew has been arrested for several months, his whereabouts still unknown

Australian-Chinese artist Ms. Zhang Cuiying who was once illegally detained in China for eight months for practising Falun Gong made a speech at the press conference. She revealed that her nephew Chen Zhongxin, whose hometown is in Wenzhou City, was illegally detained for three years for practising Falun Gong. During his detention, he was subjected to various barbarous tortures, and he was once tortured on the "Dead Person's Bed" for ten days. After being released, he was again arrested for printing and spreading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and has been missing for over five months. His family and friends have no information about his whereabouts, and his parents have been very grieved. Especially upon hearing about the atrocities at Sujiatun Concentration Camp, they are even more worried about his safety. Ms. Zhang called upon the world's people to extend their help to investigate and find her nephew's whereabouts.

Free China Organization: Hope to form an investigation group as soon as possible to travel to Shenyang's Sujiatun to investigate

Ms. Zhao, representing the Free China Organization, expressed that when the atrocities of the Nazi death camps were disclosed 60 years ago, the whole world was shocked. People swore that no such atrocities should be allowed to recur. However, in today's China in the 21st century, in this ancient country with a long and splendid culture and tradition of respecting Heaven and caring for people, there is once again the tragedy of a brutal concentration camp where unspeakable atrocities are committed. All people of conscience should not tolerate these atrocities or let such outrageous crimes run rampant. Ms. Zhao expressed that as an organisation that aims to strive for gaining human rights and freedom for more Chinese people, Free China hopes to cooperate with the Australian government and other human rights organisations to form an investigation group as soon as possible, to travel to Shenyang's Sujiatun to investigate the situation, and try all means to end these inhuman and heinous crimes. Ms. Zhao also said that the CCP has murdered more than 80 million innocent Chinese people in recent history, and has committed huge crimes. At present, nearly nine million people have publicly quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations. We believed that in near future, history will hold the CCP accountable for its crimes.

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