Italian Newspaper Reports on Attorney Gao and the Relay Hunger Strike against the Persecution

On February 23rd 2006, Italian newspaper “Cronache” reported that some Italian Falun Gong practitioners and other non-governmental organisations participated in a Relay Hunger Strike against the persecution in China to support Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng. Lawyer Gao is under pressure because he supports Falun Gong practitioners and wrote open letters to President Hu Jiantao and premier Wen Jiabao condemning their brutal persecution.

The newspaper reports: “Lawyer Gao sent three open letters to Chinese president Hu and premier Wen to call for an end to the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners after he interviewed many Falun Gong practitioners in mainland China. In these open letters, attorney Gao detailed the persecution these Falun Gong practitioners had experienced, and he also exposed the illegal oppression and cruel torture perpetrated by the officers of China’s ‘6-10 Office’ against Falun Gong practitioners.”

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