Belgian Parliamentarian Calls for International Condemnation of the Crimes of Totalitarian Communist Regimes

A resolution was passed by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly on January the 25th 2006. The chairman of the Christian Democrats, the chairman of the political division of general affairs committee in the Council of Europe and a Belgian parliamentarian Mr. Luc Van den Grande stated the significance of this resolution.

Belgian parliamentarian Luc Van den Brande

Luc Van den Brande stated, “This is a commencement for the resolution passed by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly to condemn crimes committed by Communist totalitarian regimes; this result is full of profound implication. Not merely is it the moral direction for forty six member states of the Council of Europe, but also beefs up the recognition of crimes of Communist dictatorship to the public. Hence to pass this resolution is essential and it is necessary to be carried out by the Council of Europe also.”

Mr. Van den Brande indicated that this resolution did not simply condemn Communist totalitarian regimes, but also simultaneously respected victims killed by Communist dictatorships. It would incite people to reflect on history more and to reflect the disasters caused by Communist totalitarianism all over the world. Thus to pass this resolution was quite important as the direction of protecting every person’s fundamental human rights. Every one was unique with different characteristics, no matter whether this person is male or female.

Mr. Van den Brande concluded. “To pass this resolution is just a beginning. I believe more supporting reports offered by my colleagues in the near future to help the increasing number of people to recognise the vicious nature and crimes of Communist totalitarianism”.

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